The week from hell

If you think you have had a week from hell before, then imagine this happening to you!


3. Wednesday, 9th of April 2013

Dear Diary,                               

                     NOTE OF THE DAY: When someone says not to trust anyone, they really meant it.  I stumbled out of my cupboard in my room and checked down stairs for any levitating objects but none were there. I travelled down the stairs into the living room, at that point, still no flying objects. I approached the fridge to get something to eat. When I opened it my dad’s cold, lifeless, bloody body fell out, I examined the body quickly and saw that he had a slit throat. I called the police; they took over the situation and told me to leave the premises, so I did. I got bored of waiting outside and walked back inside, only to find the police licking all of the blood off the floor and draining the last of my dad’s blood from his lifeless body. They looked up at me and licked their lips, they had changed; they were now paler, had fangs and fully black eyes. They came up to me and pushed me against the wall that was behind me, and asked if I would be as tasty as my dad. Just when I gave up hope, the masked man came in with his axe and chopped the vampire that was holding me in half and it went up in smoke. He then did the same thing with the other two and came up to me. He told me he won’t let anyone or anything else harm me, but he still wouldn’t tell me who he was or why he wanted to help me. He was really creeping me out, but I didn’t mind;  I didn’t know who he was exactly, but I wanted to and I felt safe with him. I went to bed and he told me he will be back for me in the morning, and to watch my back. Then he kissed me on the forehead and left.

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