The week from hell

If you think you have had a week from hell before, then imagine this happening to you!


2. Tuesday, 8th of April 2013


Dear Diary,                              

                    NOTE OF THE DAY: There is something wrong with this place. When I first woke up I had gotten ready for school, like I do every day. But I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a normal day; and guess what, I was 100% right. It was stormy, cold and miserable, which is nothing unusual for this place; but I just had that feeling, deep down inside of me. I called out for my parents a couple times and then ventured throughout the new house. But I couldn’t seem to find them, they hadn’t left a note on the bench as they usually would and their wallets were sitting on the bench. I paced quickly into the garage to find both the cars in the exact same spot they were yesterday. By that point I was quite confused and worried. I thought they must have just gone out for a walk, so I ignored it and continued preparing for school. I saw something out the corner of my eye fly towards me. I screamed and ducked. Then things began to get weird. Everything in the room levitated and seemed like it was being thrown at me; I screamed as loud as I could and everything dropped to the floor. I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the door and down the street; I didn’t look back until I reached the school. All the classes were boring and I kept to myself. When I got home my parents still were not there, so I ventured throughout the house again searching, only to find everything flying at me again. I ran upstairs and into my room. I hid in my cupboard and decided to stay there for the night. Seriously, how much worse could it get from here?

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