The week from hell

If you think you have had a week from hell before, then imagine this happening to you!


7. Sunday, 13th of April 2013

Dear Diary,                                    

                                 NOTE OF THE DAY: Don’t trust a masked man with an axe that won’t tell you who he is. He might end up being your ex. We arrived at ‘the place today, but I kind of wished we didn’t. We got there and he gave me some food and water then told me to get some rest. When I woke up I looked around ‘the place’; no one would ever find us. Unfortunately that was exactly what he had wanted. It looked the exact same as my dream; I was so scared, but then I remembered that he wouldn’t do that, he always saved me; he was my hero. I heard him call for me so I followed the sound of his voice; I thought about it I recognised that voice, I didn’t know whose but I knew it. When I walked around a bunch of bushes I saw him standing there with his big axe in his hands, he lunged towards me, swinging his axe; just like my dream, well a vision. He obviously just wanted to kill me from the start. I turned and ran; he chased me swinging his axe at me. I was screaming for help, even though I knew no one would be able to hear me. I ran as fast as I could, but I didn’t know where to go, until I tripped. He threw his axe at me and just missed me. Then he came up to me, rolled me onto my back and pinned me down. I closed my eyes and waited for death; I felt him get off me and told me I had a five second head start. He began to count, I got up and started to run again, was this all a game to him? It made more sense now, he told me he wouldn’t let anything else harm me, he didn’t tell me he wouldn’t. I heard him begin to run after me again; I could hear him getting closer and closer until I could hear him breathing right behind me. But suddenly I heard him stop; I turned my head back slightly to see what had happened, but I didn’t stop running. I saw my mum’s ghost standing there, beside the lifeless decapitated body the belonged to the man I once trusted; I realized my mum only grabbed onto me to save me from him. I had stopped running and approached them. She leaned down and touched the mask as it went up in flames to reveal his face. It was Liam, my ex-boyfriend; I knew I knew that voice. I thought about it, it is kind of cool to have a ghost as a mum and I didn’t really care about Leo; that’s what he gets for cheating on me.

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