The week from hell

If you think you have had a week from hell before, then imagine this happening to you!


6. Saturday, 12th of April 2013

Dear Diary,                

                                 NOTE OF THE DAY (more of a question today): If you don’t know someone very well should you really trust them? Last night the axe guy carried me as I slept so I didn’t know exactly where I was when I woke up. I asked the axe guy where we were going, all he told me was that it was a special place away from everyone, where no one or nothing else can harm me. Most of the day was boring; it got so boring that I asked to go to sleep about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. When I did go to sleep I had a dream, it was really weird; we had finally arrived at the place, he was chasing me and he tried to kill me. I woke up screaming and he was right by my side, trying to calm me down. He wouldn’t really hurt me, well I don’t think he would, he has been protecting me for almost a week now. Why would he waste his time saving me and almost killing himself in the process, just to end up killing me? Should I really trust him? To go to all of that and end up killing me, it just isn’t right, that just can’t be possible; it has to just be a dream. We got up and started walking to ‘the place’. He told me we were almost there and asked me if I was excited; I wondered why he would want me to be excited over a place, I know it’s a place I’ll be safe, maybe, but it is just a place.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream I had, was it just a dream or was it a vision. I played along and followed him to the so called safe place, he still wouldn’t tell me anything about him or the place we were going; I was (and still am) very curious. Should I really trust this masked man?

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