The week from hell

If you think you have had a week from hell before, then imagine this happening to you!


5. Friday, 11th of April 2013

Dear Diary,                         

                    NOTE OF THE DAY: I need to get more patience. We walked all through the night last night, most of the time he just carried me because I couldn’t walk with the deep scratches all down my left leg. When the sun came up he saw my arm and just gaped at it. He reached into his back pocket and poured a full bottle of water onto it slowly, it stung so much, then it felt better. I looked at it for the first time to see the water, legit, turning into steam as it touched it; it was all red and blistering, it had puss oozing from little bumps all over it and it was festering, I felt sick by the sight of it. The axe guy still wouldn’t tell me his name; I found it very strange that a guy that has saved my life three times won’t even tell me his name. But I did find out some information about this mysterious guy, I found out that he was just over a year older than me. We reached a graveyard and he told me we had to pass through it, I told him with everything happening lately, going through a graveyard won’t be the best idea; but he just reminded me that he won’t let anything else harm me. I just followed him into the mysterious graveyard that I knew couldn’t be good. After a while of continuous walking he told me to sit down and rest and that he would be back in 5 minutes. About an hour had passed to I got up and started to look for him, but I got lost. I was confused and scared and I just knew something bad was going to happen. I wondered the graveyard for hours, the sun began to set; by that point I was even more horrified because something was sure to happen and I wasn’t with axe guy, so if something were to happen, I’ll die. I wondered around the graveyard listening to the mysterious noises. I kept hearing owls and cats. I saw something run out of the corner of my eye; but when I turned I didn’t see anything, and then it happened again.  When I turned the last time I saw big, round eyes staring at me from the darkness, I screamed again. That was when the axe guy came back, he picked me up and carried me back to where our stuff was; I finally felt safe again

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