Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


2. Victories


Louis' POV:

"All the single ladies, all the single ladies!", I hear Niall sing from the shower or should I say scream from the shower.  

I laugh "Niall save it for the concert!" 


"I said that you're a horrible singer!" i repeat maybe a bit less subtle this time. 

"YOU DON'T LIKE MY VOICE!" Niall cries from the bathroom. 

"No it's not that I don't like it it just reminds me of my great uncle Tim's goat!" 

"you even don't HAVE an uncle Tim!" 

"Why does everyone keeps saying he doesn't exist!" i fake cry overdramatically. 

"ALLTHE SINGLE LADIES. Now put your hands up. Up in the club and now you're gonna fub doing your own la thing" Niall continues to sing obviously not knowing the lyrics. 

Suddenly I hear the water and the singing stop. 

"LOOOUUUIIIS!!!!" he yells his voice coated in anger. I can't resist an evil grin. 

"Yeeeeeees, love!" I yell back my voice sounding sugarsweet. 

I turn around to see a totally naked Niall looking furious, his cheeks are red from anger and he's dripping from water.  

"Niall you're making the carpet wet oh and put some clothes. You'll get a cold or at least dry yourself of" I smile at him sheepishly causing him to become even more red. 

"Yeah Lou I would but someone stole the towels I wonder who did that?" he says calmly  

"Why who in the world would do such an awful thing?", i smirk. 

"I don't know maybe someone who's name starts with an L and rhimes with chewy" 

"I knew it that little twat, Lee Ann Suey always making trouble where are you girl come on out and offer your apoligies to that poor mister Horan for making him all cold!" I scream to no one in peticular.

Niall rolls his bright blue orbs "Lou we both know you took away those towels just give them back and I might consider not killing you" 

I sigh he gave up too early. I give him the towels and walk downstairs to get some breakfast and to annoy someone else. And by the looks of it today's victim is... Harry who's sleeping in a bowl of cereal in a bowl of cereal. I grin and scream "MORNING, HAZ!" in his ear causing him to fall off his chair with his face flat on the flour. I hold back my laughter. "Are you all right Harry." I ask him on a fake worried tone. 

"Yeah I'm fine" he replies with his face still facing the flour "me and the floor are just having an intimate moment. By the way you're kind of intruding." he answers while kissing the ground. I quickely take a picture and put it on twitter: @Harry_Styles and the floor having an intimate moment. Who ships Florry? ;) 

Haha i'm such a badass

"You did not just post a picture of me kissing the floor on twitter." Harry asks with a worried look on his face. 

I grin evily "Oh but I did." 

"Lou you do know what that means don't you?" Harry asks me really slowly 

I nod while biting my lip for what's next. Harry gets up and starts chasing through the house waking everybody else while doing so but he can't keep up with me. 

"Harry, are you tired ALLREADY!" I yell when he stops for a minute to catch his breath. With a groan he starts running again but he falls over the chair that was still on the floor from when he fell the last time. He groans really loud.  

"HAROLD, are you having sex with the floor?" I scream in utter "shock" walking towards him to get a better look. 

"I give up Lou. You win now help me up" he sighs from the flour 

I giggle happy because it's my second victory today. 

"Nah!" I scream and run away but when I notice Harry is holding my leg it's too late and I'm already on the ground. I start snogging the floor too just to piss him off. 

"Omg floor how could you?" Harry yells overdramatic. Zayn walks in without even taking a look to the mess on the ground "Morning" he says while taking some milk out of the fridge. I don't answer because I'm too busy kissing the floor. 

Zayn sighs he probably looked to the floor "You're so lucky you have a cleaning lady." he states 

Waaw you can always trust on Zayn for making an irrelivant comment.  

"Zaaaaaaayn!" Harry whines "do something he's stealing my girlfriend!" I can almost hear Zayn roll his eyes 

"Haz shut up and Lou stop kissing the floor." Zayn tells me and Harry. I do what he says and stand up to eat some toast.


an hour later we are all dressed and ready to go. But as usual me and Liam are still arguing who can drive. 

"But I'm OLDER!" I try telling him. 

"Lou we both know I am the best driver! You broke a car and got a ticket for driving too slow. Remember What makes you beautiful and Live while we're young?" 

I groan remembering it 

"But... that only proves my point. I was young and unexperienced just like you are now.", I try telling him on a mature voice which sucks because my voice is really high compared to Liam's. 

"Lou do you want me to do "the groan?" He says not really impressed by my argument 

I shiver and quickely get out of the driverseat. My first argument lost today damnit but I can't compeet with Liam's "groan". No one can. 

Liam laughs. He knows how afraid i am of the "groan". 

"Thank you, Lou!" Liam grins sheepishely. 

"Your welcome.", I grumble back while getting in the back with the rest of the lads because Zayn is already in the front. Harry laughs at me "FAIL!", he exclaims. I don't reply because I'm too caught up in my plans of getting Liam back. I'm not telling you anything yet but i can promise you one thing: it will involve spoons. 

MWAhahahhahahagagaggaa (evil laugh)

A/N~ I am so sorry this chapter is so short but I wrote a lot more and it got deleted so once again i'm really sorry

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