Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


7. The revenge has come

Alexa's POV

I can't believe he actually had the guts to even come here after what he did to me. He is such a... keep calm, Alexa. You made a promise to yourself years ago not let him get to you anymore. Now keep it.

The buzzing of my phone interrupts my thinking. I press accept without looking to the caller-ID.


I am interrupted by Selena's worried rambling, of what I can't understand a thing.

"What?", I question a tad bit annoyed.

"Where are you? We were supposed to meet up at nando's, remember? I have been waiting here for eternity.", she repeats.

I look at my watch.

She is such a dramaqueen. I have been 2 minutes late!

"Yeah, I'm coming.", I reply very annoyed and hang up the phone.

***At nando's***

"So basically he's an ass that bullied you and you want to kill him.", Selena remarks after I told her why I was late.

I nod, she couldn't of been more right. Sel always knows what to say. That's one of the main reasons I absolutely adore her.

"How come you never told me?", Selena says while taking a sip from her beer as if she wants to emphasise her shock.

"I don't know, I guess I wanted to forget my past as much as I could?", I question.

Selena looks at me with pity in her eyes "But you could've at least told ME about it, how did he even know where you lived?"

"I don't know. Josh always used to say he wanted to become a policeman when he was older maybe he looked me up or something like that?", I lie.

OK maybe I didn't really tell her the whole story. But I mean she loves One Dimension, or whatever they're called, they helped her get through her cutting. I couldn't tell her that the boy she adores was actually an ego-centric prick that made my best friend go through the same thing he cured her of. Not only would that be self-absorbed and mean it would probably also make her go back to the cutting which I just couldn't make her go through again.

"But I mean why did he want to see you again?", Selena snaps me out of my thoughts.

My mind turns back to the day after Dianne's suicide, the kiss...

"I think he wanted to apologise... again"

"How do you mean 'again'?", Selena frowns.

I sigh, now I have to tell her that story too.


"So wait... This makes no sense he was in love with you but he still bullied you?", Selena remarks when I'm done telling her the story.

I laugh at her expression. "Did I ever tell you this wasn't going to be a confusing story? No I didn't, did I? And I guess he bullied me because he loved me maybe he couldn't show his feelings or something shitty like that, I don't know, the only thing I do know is that I don't ever want to see him again, no matter why he bullied me."

"No! ignoring him isn't going to make him suffer enough from what he has done...", an evil expression appears on her face, "You have to revenge him."

I laugh, that girl has really read much to much books.

"Do you want me to get the Hulk or will you do it?", I tease her.

She gives me a deathly glare, I mean seriously if looks could kill I would be so dead right now. "First of all that's the AVENGERS, and secondly everybody knows you can't just get the Hulk... I mean it's the HULK."

I roll my eyes "I am sorry miss Marvel-addicted. So what ridiculous plan do you have in mind?"

"I am glad you asked, You are going to break his heart.", she simply states.

I bust out in a fit of laughter until I notice Sel isn't laughing along "Wait you're serious aren't you?", I ask her still catching my breath from the laughing.

She nods "As serious as the fractures of Umpty Dumpty"

"Okay first of all, what kind of a comparison is that? And secondly how do you mean break his heart?"

"Simply break his heart, if he was in love with you when you were younger he will probably still be and if he isn't make him fall in love with you again, be your charming self or ... just be yourself and then crush his little heart in a million pieces.", she smiles sheepishly.

"Wow, I mean Lou- Josh certainly deserves it but isn't the whole crushing his heart thing a bit harsh?"

Selena looks at me like they're are butterflies coming out of my ass. "Really, Lex you think that's harsh what about what he did to you wasn't that just a tad bit harsher?"

I sigh, it was, but I have a strange gut-feeling that this revenge thing isn't going to turn out well. Maybe because if I really do crush Louis' heart the whole teenage society is going to hate me, no worse, is going to want me dead and being killed by a million teenage girls isn't really a nice prospective to have. Either way Selena is bound to find out about the fact that Josh is actually Louis.

"But what if I don't see him again?", I ask her after a long silence.

"Then you don't revenge him.", she states like it's the most Obvious thing on earth.

Well then I hope I won't see him again. I hope he loves his crown jewels enough to not come and meet me again.

"So is the revenge on?", Sel eyes me.

I nod "It's on like donkey kong."

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