Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


4. Keyhunting


"And I repeat why?!", Liam asks again. I open my eyes, biting away the unbearable pain running through my head.

"I want to give her keys back", I lie incredibely fluently for my condition. Zayn walks towards me

"Lou, why are you lying to us?", he asks me his dark brown eyes staring right into mine like he can see my soul which he probably can. You really can't lie to Zayn.

"I'm not!" I trie lying again.

Zayn frowns "Lou what's wrong?"

I sigh "It's really stupid."

"Just tell us", Harry urges me walking closer.

"Okay...when I was uncaunsious I had a dream or more a flashback of something that happened in the past"

"And now you think that key has something to do with your flashback", Zayn compleets my sentence. I suddenly feel very stupid that key can't have anything to do with Alexa after what I did to her. She won't come see me at my gig. Unless she trew that key on purpose so she could hurt me. 

No no matter how much Alexa might hate me she would never buy a 100 pound ticket just so she can trow a key to my head. Face it Louis that key had nothing to do with Alexa.

"No i'm sorry I think to much. Lets go home", I quickly mutter trying to stand up but Liam stops me.

"Lou what did you see in that flashback", he urges me to explain.

Why do they have to know everything!

"I don't want to talk about it!", I burst out making headache even worse.

Harry's Pov:

"I don't want to talk about it!", Louis bursts out. I jump back, Louis never screams like that. I wonder why if it was that flashback that made him so angry and if it was the flashback what was it about. Maybe it was about his mum and dad he told me how he still had nightmares about their fights but they don't have anything to do with that key do they? The room falls into an awkward silence after Louis' outburst.

"Ehm I'm going home.", Niall tells us a bit awkwardly.

The rest of us just hum and walk out through the backdoor. I notice Louis didn't come along. So I want to go back to get him but a strong hand stops me. I turn around to see Paul looking at me with what seems like regret in his eyes. 

"You should leave him alone.", he tells me pushing me towards the door. I look up at him again to see the regret in his eyes was now replaced with a whole different emotion that I couldn't really lay my finger on. One thing I do know is that Paul knows something about Lou's flashback and I'm going to find out what.



"I will never let you go.", James tells Hayley on my tv. I roll my eyes James is such a player he said the same thing to Bianca last night.

The phone rings interrupting James' declaration of love for Hayley. I sigh.  

Everyone knows they can't bother me between 6 and 7 but they keep calling anyway. I put the program on pause.

"Hello, you've reached the voicemail of Harry Styles please leave a message", I tell the person on the phone very monotoniously. I just want to go back to watching my series

"Haz I know you're there. I have to talk to you", Liam's familiar voice sounds through the phone. I sigh.

"OK but make it quick, I'm watching storm of love", I tell him annoyed because this phonecall will be taking longer than I thought.

Liam laughs on the other side of the phone. "Do you really watch storm of love", he teases me, "You're such a girl!"

I blush a bit and change the subject: "What did you want to say?"

"So tomorrow we have a day off but you probably knew that already.", Liam explains.

"Yeah pffff I knew that", I lie not very convincing.

"You didn't did you?"

"Nope I didn't but continue"

"So since we have a day off tomorrow I thought we could find the owner of those keys."

"Why? Louis told us we should leave it alone."

"Oh and now you decide to do what Louis tells you.", Liam sounds a bit annoyed, "Where was that when he told you not to date Taylor Swift huh."

My cheeks turn cherry red and I look down even though he can't see me. "I thought we weren't going to mention the Taylor Swift thing anymore."

I hear him swallow "Oh I'm so sorry Harry. What was I saying?"

"Something about finding the owner of those keys."

"Yes we're going to meet up at Starbucks tomorrow at eight am to go look for that flat."

"Who are 'we'?", I ask him curiously

"Me, you, Niall, Josh and Zayn"

"Ah so no Louis.", I state the obvious.

"Genious!", Liam replies sarcastcally

"I know!" 

Liam sighs and hangs up without saying goodbye. Well that was rude I think to myself and I unpause James and Hayley.

"But I saw you kissing with Bianca!", Hayley screams. I smirk

"You go girl show him what you're worth.", I tell the television. 

Did I really just talk to the tv. I'm getting crazy. I should find myself a girlfriend or before I'll know it I'm alone and old, living in a small bungalow talking to my cats all day. A shiver runs through my whole body. I'm going to go out tomorrow.


*The next day*

"Butterscotch?", I ask a guy who looks a lot like Zayn. Before you start overthinking this 'butterscotch' is our code word.

"Gummiebears", Zayn replies a bit bored. He hates those codewords.

"Hi Wayn is Ian here already?", I whisper to him.

"Stop it Haz there is no one here", Zayn mutters obviously annoyed by the fact he has to look for a stupid key on his day off instead of spending it with his girlfriend and frankly I'm not too keen on it either I would rather meet up with my friends than look for some crazy fan that gave Louis a concussion.

"Butterscotch", someone asks me he isn't wearing any hats or sunglasses so I immediatetly recognize it's Niall.

"Yeah gummiebears... are that Josh and Ian?", I ask him pointing to the two guys walking in.

"Yes they are.", Liam answers in his place.

"Who has the keys?", Josh asks us. nervously fidling with his shirt

Liam gets a whole bunch of keys out of his pocket.

"No wonder Lou got a concussion from that.", I state, "Could I look at them?"

Liam gives me the keys. I see there is a Nandos badge attached to the keys.

I laugh Niall will love our first stop.

"Look at this." I show them the badge.

"Are we going to Nandos?!", Niall yells enthusiastically. Liam and Josh sigh in unison.

"Yes but we aren't going to buy anything", Liam orders. Niall looks at him with puppy eyes but Liam just ignores it.

*at Nandos*

"Hi could I order a-", Niall starts asking the waitress but Liam quickly interrupts him:"No I'm sorry but we're not here to eat anything We were wondering if there was someone called...",he looks at the badge "Selena Green working here and if we could talk to her?"

The waitress furrows her eyebrows "Who wants to know?"

"One Direction", Liam simply states removing his sunglasses and motioning us to do the same, so far for being undercover.

"That's cute", she replies not really impressed. She's probably trying her best not to fangirl. I've seen it all before.

"So does Selena Green work her?", I ask her a bit impatiently.

"Yeah she does but she's not here right now."

"Do you happen to know where she lives?", Niall buts in.

"Maybe...", she looks at us with a cheeky grin on her face.  

I sigh "What do you want?"

Her grin grows even wider.

Please don't say you want to go on a date with me, please don't say you want to go on a date with me.

"First of all... I want a photo for on the celebretie wall second, I want you to tweet something about your breakfast here and thirth you have to promise me you will pay the hospitalbills if Selena faints and hits her head on something is that clear?"

I chuckle when I hear the last demand.

"OK fine.", Josh agrees, "Now, where does she live?"

"She lives on Astridstreet 54 room 21 here in London.", the waitress tells us. We give her the photos, post the tweet and quickly get out of there before the place starts flooding with directioners.


"This is it", Josh tells us looking down on his phone to check the adress.

We walk inside of the gigantic appartement block and Zayn checks the doorbells for Green even though we have the key the boys decided it was not very nice to just barge in.

"Here it is!", Zayn yells after a few seconds of looking.

"Well ring it than!", Niall replies impatiently.

Zayn pushes the doorbell and we wait for a voice to sound through the intercom, which doesn't happen.

"Well she's not there let's go home.", Zayn states obviously not wanting to break in to her flat. But as for me I love a bit of buglering and it's not even real burglering since she gave/trew us those keys. Anyway it's not illegal.

"A-a-aa not so fast bradford badboy did you forget that we have the keys to this appartement", I grin.

Zayn sighs obviously not liking where I'm going with this "But-", he starts but he's too late I've already opened the door.

"After you milady.", I tease him.

"Harry I swear you are so getting into trouble with this.", Zayn warns me.

"Oh shut up Zayn and get into that lift!", Josh supports me. We all get into the lift that is way too small for 5 persons but we manage to get in and reach the second floor. When we're out of the lift everybody grasps for air.

"We really shouldn't be doing this!", Zayn whines again.

I roll my eyes. "Really Zayn you're turning into Liam."

That comment earns me a "hey!" from Liam. I roll my eyes again.

"Let's go look for flat 21", I change the subject and walk through the hallway. The boys follow me until Niall briskly stops in front of a door "Found it!", he yells even though we're righf next to him. I put a key into the lock and open the door.

"Get the hell out or I will use this!", a girl with a lamp in her hands screams. I can't hold back a smirk at her choice of weapon, She doesn''t look terrifying at all so I push the door open a bit more and walk in to the very cosy and tidy flat. I take a look at the girlShehas short brown wavy hair and piercing blue eyes with a bit of green around the edges.

"What are you going to do blind us?", I tease her. I expected her too losen up or scream or faint or anything when she sees we're One Direction but her face stays tensed and her hands stay clenched to the lamp.

"Who are you, why do you have a key to my flat and what are you doing here?", she starts firing questions at us.

"Wow babe wait a sec one question at a time. We are One Direction.", I interrupt her and to my surprise her face becomes even more dark.

"Get the fuck out of here!", she screams, "And where's Lou Was he too much of a chicken to come see me again. Did he send his little friends to handle his problems. Well tell him he didn't kill me if he would care!"

What the hell is she saying does she know Lou? Did Louis try to kill her? there are a million questions running through my mind. I look at the other boys to see if they're also really confused about what that girl just said. They all look quite confused only Niall's eyes are round as oreos like he finally understands something.

"You're Alexa aren't you?", Niall breaks the silence.

Lexi's Pov:

"You're Alexa aren't you?", blondie says like he just found out the most imporant thing in the world. Urg he's Irish I hate that accent.

"Yes I am.", I tell him a bit unsure. How come Louis didn't tell them my name?

"OK I''m very sorry Alexa but this all just a huge misunderstanding. We're looking for a girl called Selena Green.", blondie explains with his thick Irish accent. I feel my cheeks warm up and somehow I feel dissapointed that Louis didn't send his friends to look for me.

"Oh", is everything I can say. I feel so bloody stupid. They probably don't even know about Lou and me.

"So why do you want to talk to Selena?", I ask them trying to start a light convorsation so they'll maybe forget about me being a complete psycho and screaming for no reason.

"We want to give her keys back.", an exotic looking guy that I didn't notice before answers. Well that does explain why they could come in.

"And why do you have her keys?", I ask them still not getting the whole picture.

the curly boy grins showing his cute dimples.

"She threw them at Louis giving him a concussion.", he answers the cheeky grin getting wider as he speaks. 

I can't resist a smirk too. Even though Sel probably didn't do it on purpose the thought of her face when she saw she hit Lou with those keys must've been hilarious. Plus Louis deserved getting keys in his face.

"So how come you knew my name?", I ask blond-Irish one.

His eyes grow wide "Ehm... intuition?", he tries to lie but he totally sucks. How can you know someone's name by 'intuition'?

"Oh so you're an alien?", I reply bluntly.

"No I'm the alien I have four niples!", curly boy buts in . I curse him for making the moment pass I want to know what blondie's hiding.

"I don't care how many niples you have!", I burst out immediately regreting it when I see curly's dimples dissapear. He stares at me with sad puppy eyes. I want to roll my eyes but i fight back my urge because he looks already sad enough. Gosh why is he so easily offended?

"Ehm... we gotta be going will you give those keys to your friend?.", a guy with bushy eyebrows asks me.

"Ehm... yes but could you please not tell Louis that you met me today. I don't want to see him again... ever.", I try to tell him as light and bubbly as I can but it just sounds sarcastic and bitter. Why doesn't anything ever come out of my mouth like I want it to.

"Yeah... OK.", he answers awkwardly, "Well it was nice to meet you"

"No it wasn't you think I'm mental", i want to tell him but that would just make me sound even more crazy so I don't and let them out of my flat.

Liam's Pov:

I thought looking for that flat would make me less confused about Louis' behavior. But it didn't... at all. It just made me feel even more fucked up. Yes, I swear in my thoughts didn't expect that, now did you? How that girl was behaving it was like she knew something about Lou we didn't and now I think about it so did Niall. How did he know her name? I don't remember Lou telling us anything about a girl called Alexa.

"Liam your phone's ringing!", Josh yells annoyed.

"Gosh, Josh you don't have to shout like that!", I scream back before picking up my phone without looking to the caller-ID.

"Hi it's Li-", I start but I'm cut of by a screaming Louis:

"Where were you today!"

Gees what's up with all that screaming today.

"Home", I tell him calmly but my voice dripping from annoyance.

"LIES!!!", Louis screams. I hold my phone back.

"Lou stop yelling you're making me deaf!", I yell back.

"I saw your tweet you were at Nandos... without me!"

"We didn't eat at Nandos we only went there for a second and the owner asked us to post those tweets.", I explain. 

"Where did you go afterwards?", Louis asks me on a Sherlock voice.  


"Aw!! all of those lies they hurt. Please. Save. Me.", Louis exclaims very dramatically. I sigh. He's such a dramaqueen. 

"Lou I'm not lying and I'm hanging up now.", I tell him without giving him a chance to say something more I hang up the phone. The ear that I was phoning with is buzzing from Louis' screaming. 

"Louis?", Niall asks me stating the obvious.  

I nod. "That guy should really scream less for a famous singer", I say laughing with my own joke all though it wasn't really a joke or funny. Liam stop critisising your own jokes. 

The car stops at Nandos and me, Niall and Josh get into Josh's car. Yes even famous artist carpool it's better for the inviorment. When Josh parks in front of my house. I see Louis' already waiting in front of my door. 

"Shit!", I mumble. 

"What was that, Liam Payne? did you just swear?", Josh teases me.  

"Oh shut up", I tell him.  

Josh smirks "Wohoho watch out we've got a badboy over here."  

I give him a very bad duckface and get out of the car facing my greatest terror... Louis. 

"Is that Niall and Josh in that car?", Louis asks me on a schoolteacher voice. 

I nod. 

"What's that? Did you suddenly loose your tongue?", Louis asks me still on that annoying tone. 

"I still have it.", I reply smirking and waiting for Louis to smile too which doesn't happen.  

"Did you think that was funny? Now tell me where were you?" 

I think for a good excuse. "We were planning something for your birthday.", I tell him much too quick to be believable. 

"Liam you're the worst liar in the world. My birthday was last week. So now mister Payne why don't you make this a lot easier for everyone and tell me where you were." 

"Lou I have a right for privacy too you know", I try to change the subject. 

"Liam don't make me use this.", Louis treatens me holding a dozen spoons in his right hand. 

"Oh you wouldn't!", I exclaim. 

Louis has a smirk playing on his lips that doesn't make me feel very comfortable. 

"We gave the keys back!", I blurt out before I can stop myself. Stupid spoons. 

Louis' grin drops. I think I hear him mumble "Alexa" but I'm not sure. Wasn't that the name Niall gave that crazy girl in the appartment. This whole thing is getting more crazy every second.

"How did you know the name of the girl in that flat?", I ask him curiously. 

Louis swallows and ignores my question "Did you see Alexa?"  

I nod. He stares at nothing for a while, lost in his thoughts. Then suddenly like something bit him he jumps up. 

"What's her adress?", he asks quickly.  

"Lou, it's 9 o'clock.", I try to bring him back to his senses. 


"So... you can't go to someone's house at 9 o'clock. Especially someone that hates you.", the last part comes out a lot harder than I expected it to. I see Louis' eyes darken and his face get pale. 

"Just tell me where she lives.", he demands trying to sound calm but his eyes seem to spit fire. 

"Astridstreet 54 room 21." 

Louis' eyes get a bit lighter but he still seems distant. Without saying goodbye he runs towards his car. I frown Alexa won't be happy with this.

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