Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


6. Explain it

Still Louis' POV:

"What does he want?", I mutter when I see Niall sitting in front of my door. I get out of my car and walk towards my house. Fully ignoring Niall I open my door.

"Lou, I have to talk to you.", Niall states.

I sigh I'm not in the mood for talking about some stupid thing that is wrong in Niall's perfect life. I've got my own problems.

"What is it?", I ask him, my voice dripping in annoyance.


I stare at him in shock. I wasn't expecting that how does he even know her name?

I swallow and try to act normal. "Does our little Nialler have a crush?", I tease him.

His face doesn't redden like I expected it to instead it seems to get angry.

"Lou shut up. This is about you not about me.", he tells me, firmly staring into my eyes. I want to look away but I can't.

"What do you want to know?", I ask him quietly.

His eyes get a bit lighter when he answers "Everything."

I remain silent for a bit deciding what everything is and just decide to tell him the whole story:

"Alexa's and my mother used to take pregnancy classes together. So Alexa and I were practically friends from when we were in our mum's tummies. They used to say that we even kicked on the same moments. Anyway when I was 10 I heard someone in my class say something about love but when I asked her what love was she and her friends just laughed. I was very confused about the whole thing but I didn't want the girls to make fun of me again so I didn't ask them. But when I came home I asked my mum what love was:


"Muuuuum!", I whine when I come home.

"Yes dear", she replied from the kitchen. I walk into the kitchen to see my mum standing in front of a huge cake.

"Cake!", I scream excitedly while running to the cake. My mum quickly covers up the cake before I can grab it and kneels down so she can look me in the eyes.

"No Louis, that's for tonight. Now what was it that you wanted to ask me?"

I snap out of my thoughts about the cake and go back to my mission.

"I want to know what love is.", I state. My mum has a little grin playing on her lips.

"How do you mean you want to know what love is?"

I sigh, I hated it when my mum didn't understand my questions.

"Just love... what does it mean, how does it feel. You know...", I reply a bit annoyed.

"Well... love is a feeling like being happy... but different.", she explains but that explanation doesn't make sense to me either.

"MUUUUUM you're making me confused!", I whine.

My mum sighs "Well some day you may feel a strange feeling in your tummy and then you'll know you will be in love", she tries to explain me as simple as possible.

"So every time I'm hungry I feel love?", I grin, knowing this is not what she's trying to say.

"No! Boobear not like that. It's more like butterflies in your stomach.", she tells me slowly losing her patience.

I smirk "Was I so hungry that I ate butterflies?"

She smiles "Louis, don't be so sassy. I swear you're really the biggest sassmaster in whole Doncaster!"

"Sorry mum.", I apologise on a whiny tone, "So back to that love "thing". You mean like the feeling I get when I see Lexi?"

My mum smiles for no reason and replies on a riddle tone: "I don't know. you should know."

*~ end of flashback~*

"But wait", Niall interrupts me, "If you loved her why does she hate you now?"

I sigh "Because I, being the stupid little 7-year old I was, began teasing Alexa. It was only to get her attention. But my friends didn't understand that and they started to really bully her cheering for me whenever I humiliated her. I became the school's bully and my friends started to bully Alexa's best friend Dianne too. One day after school James my best friend asked me to come hangout with him and I accepted not knowing the consequences of my decision were going to be terrible."



I walked into the pub scanning the dark crowdie room for my friends and trying to stay unnoticed by the manager.

"Lou here!", James yells from my side. I turn around to look at him. He is smirking with something but I can't see what it is. So I walk over to the bar where he's sitting and have to hold back my urge of puking when I see what he's smirking at. Dianne is behind the bar working without noticing us.

"Dianne!", James sing-songs urging her attention.

Dianne slowly turns around to look at James who's smirking like a devil. She doesn't say anything but her eyes seem to scream.

"Can I help you?", she asks us as friendly as she can, trying to hide her trembling voice.

"Yeah could you give me a coke and Louis over here an appeltizer (a/n~ apple lemonade) ", James answers on a sugar sweet tone.

Dianne fake-smiles and turns around to get our drinks, receiving a slap on her bum from James.

"What did you do that for?", I ask him accusingly.

He rolls his eyes. "Gees, Lou calm your tits man. It's only Dianne."

I want to yell at him for being so rude and annoying but instead I just laugh sheepishly.

"I don't have any tits.", I reply.

I want to slap myself... No that's too easy I want to beat the crap out of myself until I don't remember anything anymore. Why can't I just tell James he's a bastard who doesn't deserve to breath air.

James laughs. His laugh makes me sick everything about James makes me sick.

My breathing becomes quicker as I watch Dianne come closer with two drinks in her hands.

James winks at me and puts his leg out so she would fall. I want to kick him but I'm too late and Dianne has already tripped over James leg causing the drinks to spill all over her and James.

She mumbles something not very educationally appropriated and tries to stand up slipping over the mess again and again she tries to stand up but this time her attempt is successful.

James start yelling a bunch of colourful words to Dianne for spilling the drinks on us.

A tall guy who I guess is the manager comes up to us.

"What seems to be the problem?", he asks us, calmly.

"This clumsy bitch poured our drinks all over me.", James yells, not even trying to hide how angry he is.

The guy doesn't even seem impressed "I'm sorry sir but may I ask how old you are?"

"Sh*t", I mutter under my breath we were only 16 which means not old enough to be in a pub yet.

"Well... if that's how you treat paying customers I am out of here.", James avoids the question smoothly and we both walk out of the pub.

It could've ended there but of course fate being a bitch, it didn't. Dianne had to come out of the pub.

"C'mon let's go teach that cow a lesson.", James whispers in my ear pulling me with him.

"Hi Dianne!", he says in his sugar coated voice.

I can almost hear her heartbeat fasten. Her eyes look for a way to get away, which there isn't.

*~end of flashback~*

"And then?", Niall urges me to tell more.

"I can't remember anymore. The next thing I remember is coming home, the rest is black but the next day the rector told us... Dianne had committed suicide.", I have to stop to let my tears flow.

"Her-her... sister fo-found her... in a ba-bath full o-of... blood.", I manage to say between sobs. I look up to see Niall is also struggling his tears.

"Go on", he tells me trying to stay strong.

I take a deep breath and continue telling the story.

"So after Dianne died Alexa fell in a bottomless pit. She had no friend to save her from the bullying anymore and she slowly became skinnier and skinnier. Her beautiful blonde hair became thinner and her sparkly eyes became dull. She started to miss school for several weeks and her grades went down quickly. After 6 months she...", I swallow, "She collapsed her body just couldn't take it anymore. They took her to a revalidation centre and... that was the last time I saw her.", I end my story with a lie. He doesn't have to know about the time I saw her in the clinic.

Niall stays quiet for a moment sunk in his thoughts. I stare at him trying to read his emotions but his face is blank.

After what seems like eternity he finally speaks: "You have to go see her, tell her what you told me. She has to know you didn't mean to."


A/N~ I had the chills while writing this chappie. I hope you had too. It's very dramatic and was really hard for me to write because I can't even think something like this without hating myself.

so anyway I had an even score on Niall and Harry last time but I decided on Niall 'cause he's so cute and wants a princess which Alexa will use for her revenge Oops I've told too much already.

bye love you.

You're beautiful don't let people like James make you believe you're not, ever!!!


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