Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


3. concert


Selena's POV:

"AAAAAAAAH! I can't believe we're going to see One Direction!", I scream into Vanessa's ear.

"Ah fuck I think you made my ear bleed!", she mutters like she doesn't care while holding her hand up to her ear dramatically. But I know she does Vanessa is my bdff, my best directioner friend forever and she is probably the only person in the world who is as obsessed with One Direction as me. Which is pretty obsessed

"Shut up!", I tell her though she wasn't saying anything, "I can't hear them"

"CHILL, Sel they're not even on the stage yet!" she screams trying to calm me down. I don't get how she can be so calm. Normally she's the one who's always like "WHAT IF 1D would walk in right now!" even in the toilet like why would One Direction come to the girl toilets but now she actually has the chance of meeting them she's cool like a freezer.

I giggle "Did someone tell you you're cool like a freezer before?"

"Yeah I get that all the time. Probably cause of my squarness", she states seriously. I laugh this is practically how our friendship works I say something strange and she answers something stranger it's a perfect harmony.

"SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!", I scream suddenly remembering how he's square too.

"Oh no, she found out my real identity i repeat: She found out my real identity!", she whisper-yells into her watch. Before I have time to reply the crowd starts going crazy and I hear a high voice shoot through the arena: "Hi guys how are you tonight?!"

"FANTASTIC!", me and Vanessa scream in unison. Louis looks over to our side of the arena and my heart starts pounding even though I know he probably can't see us because of the bright lights.

"OKAY! so now scream Vas hapenin potatoes!", Liam yells from the other side of the stage.

"Vas hapenin potatoes!" Niall chuckles. Awwww his chuckle is so sweet!! I think you can already guess who my favourite is can't you and if you can't I'll give you a tip his hair blond. Yeah you guessed right it was Niall Waw i really feel like Dora now

"So who of you brought spoons?!" Louis asks obviously pointing back to his tweet from a few hours ago. We both put our spoons up high and so do the rest of the crowd. I grin when I see Liam's terrified look. "Put those things away before someone comes in with a magnet!" Liam yells a bit worried. Why would anyone come in with a magnet. I laugh Lili and his spoons. When everybody puts their spoons away their angelic voices start singing "Kiss you" In the middle of the song

"And you just wanna take me home!" i suddenly get a panic attack did I bring the key to my home. I start ruffling through my bag searching for it. I release a heavy sigh when I finally find it. Stupid panic attacks

"What were you doing?" Ness (Short for Vanessa) asks me a bit worried.

"Nothing I had a mini panic attack that i didn't have my key with me."

"I thought you were staying over tonight" her voice sounds dissapointed.

"Oh I'm sorry Ness but I have to be home.", I tell her.

"No you don't!"

"Yes I DO"

"NO YOU DON'T!" she yells back and before I notice what she's doing she takes my keys and throws them away. But unfortunally her aim sucks and the keys land on pour Louis' temple.

Me and Ness curse almost in unison followed by a lot of screaming when Louis collapses.

"Let's get out of here!" Ness yells and I sigh why does she always do such things.

Louis' pov:

"if you don't wanna take it slow and you just wanna take me home then baby say yeah ieah ieah then baby say-" my singing is interupted by a sudden pain that strucks like lightning in my temple. What did they throw now?

"Lou you have to get off the stage you're bleeding!", Liam yells somewhere in the distance.

"No I'm fine." I hear myself reply. But I'm not my world is spinning like crazy and the bouncing pain in my head keeps getting worse and worse. I put my hand on my temple and feel my fresh blood dripping through my fingers. The stage suddenly stops moving and I feel myself fall.

The last thing I hear before I collapse is the crowd's terrified screams.

*~flashback in Louis' dream~*

"Ugly alarm!" my friend Tom whisper-yells. I turn around to see who he's pointing to. It's Alexa I laugh a fake laugh. Please let today be a day where they leave her alone but it isn't.

"And she doesn't have her fat friend with her!", Vince continues. I hate Vince.

"Haha lets go give her some company than!", I say evily. I don't want to but I have to It's my role to be the leader.

"Morning Lexi!" I tell her while putting my arm around her. Her face almost turns grey when she looks at the one who's holding her, me. I hate this so much I want her face to light up when she sees me. But it doesn't and it's my own fault. I'm a monster

"What do you want?", she mutters hiding how afraid she is but her eyes can't hide her fear. I want to tell her that I want her but I can't dating a nerd is not good for my reputation. So I ignore her question 

"Can't you find your little friend?", I ask her like she's a child. My question is followed by some  mean giggles.  

"Let me go!", she yells fiercely. I see she's scanning the hallway for her friend Dianne. 

"Don't you like me?", I ask her trying to sound hurt pushing her face back to mine. She just rolls her beautiful eyes 

"Lou I warn you let me go!" 

"woohoo and what if I don't?", I

She sighs "Then I'll have to do this." She takes the arm that's wrapped around her and before I even realise it I'm on the floor. I groan I have just been floored by a girl this is not good for my reputation. I see Lexi is trying to get away but I quickely take her leg and give it a pull so she falls down beside me. Humiliation is written all over her face. She tries to stand up but i'm still holding her ankle so she just falls down again which earns her another fit of laughter from my "friends". I let go of her leg. she gives me a grateful look and practically runs through the hallway as fast as she can to get away from me and my "friends".

Tom highfives me "MAN that was HILARIOUS! Nearly as hilarious as yesterday!"  

A strange pain shoots through my whole body when I remember what happened yesterday. I cried myself to sleep last night. Why can't I just stand up to them I don't want to bully anyone but I'm a fucking pussy and I can't stand up for myself.

"May I have your attention please!", the annoyingly high voice of our rector says through the intercom, "You are all expected in the giant room. We have some bad news to tell you." 

I roll my eyes when he says bad news. Which teacher is retiring now probably miss Dale she looks old enough. I don't realise I said that out loud until I hear someone behind me scraping his or her throat. I turn around to see who made the inhuman noice and my cheeks immediatly turn bright red when I see it's miss Dale. Why do I always get in trouble when I don't want too. 

"Hi miss Dale", I say hoping she didn't hear me but she did. 

"I just wanted to say I'm not retiring that's all. oh and before I forget here's you detention note." she smiles sheepishely while handing me my detention note. I sigh and walk towards the giant room. 

"Lou, man how do you do it?", Vince asks on a husky surfer voice. I don't reply because I'm caught up in my thaughts That is already my fourth detention note this week and we're only tuesday. Way to go Lou! 

"Haha look who's sitting all by herself!", Tom says pointing to... Alexa.  

"Well we can't let our friend sit by herself now can we", I reply just as they wanted me to. I walk up to Lexi and go sit next to her putting my arm around her. Her body freezes and she looks around the room for another seat but unfortunately for her all the seats are taken. 

"You didn't think I forgot about you did you?", i whisper in her ear. She doesn't have time to reply because the rector comes on on the small stage in front of the room. 

"Girls and boys as I already said I have some sad news for you. Yesterday night a student you may know as Dianne Dwayne took her own life." I nearly choke on my own spit. Dianne is dead. I feel my grip around Lexi weaken but she's too startled to even notice. I knew I shouldn't of gone with them yesterday. I felt that something was going to happen but my reputation was going to suffer if I didn't go so now because of my bloody reputation I have blood on my hands. 

"I'm so sorry Lex I didn't..." I stop not finding the right words Di was her best and only friend and now she's gone. 

Lex face turns red from anger "What are you sorry for, Lou? The fact that she's dead or the fact that you and your little friends killed her!", she bursts out screaming, "Because if it's the last one your sorry about than you should've figured it out before cuz now your apoligies won't fix a damn thing!" 

"Alexandra please remain silent!", the rector snaps at her causing her face to become even more red. 

"Silence is it that what you want don't you want everyone to know that Louis the Tommo Tomlinson killed my best friend. Don't you think that's an important detail you forgot to mention in your speech!", she screams even louder at him. 

"Alexandra another one of those outbursts and I will see you in my office for a little chat with your parents.", mister Crossroad replies calmly. 

"You know what Mister Crossroad? FUCK YOU!" the whole room goes silent and Lexi runs out of the door tears streaming down her cheeks. Before I can even think about the consequences I run after her.

"Lexi!!", I scream. She looks around and starts running even faster. Waw Lou you should've really thaught this through you're probably the person she hates the most now. Lexi runs into the girls toilet and locks herself up.

"Lex come out!", I yell while pounding my fists on the door.

"Leave me alone!"

"No i won't! Please open the door!" 

She opens the door. Her face is swollen and her eyes are red "What do you even care?! It's all your fault Di killed herself!"

 "I know..", I mumble making sure my eyes stay connected with hers. Her eyes are filled with a thousand emotions grief, confusion, anger,... Before I can even rethink it I put my lips on hers only wanting to make her tears stop. She immediately pushes me away even more confusion in her beautiful eyes. I shouldn't of kissed her but when my lips connected with hers it felt so right like we were the only persons on earth. No friends I have to prove myself to No tears no grief No pain.

I run out of the toilets only wanting to get away from the world. I run and keep running until I don't know where I am anymore. Guess I won't be going to detention.

*~out of flashback~*

My head is pounding.

"Louiiiiis", Harry sings on annoyingly high tone.

"What?!", I snap at him. I try to open my eyes so I can give him an annoyed look but when I open them a flinch of pain shoots through my head. "AH!", I groan.

"Are you OK?", Liam asks concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine what happened?"

"Some fan with a lousy aim threw their keys to your head and you collapsed on stage.", Liam replies.

Oh this is so typical don't get me wrong I love our fans but they really have lousy aims.

"Do you have the keys?", I ask him out of curiousity.

"What kind of a question is that? Shouldn't you ask if you have a brain injurie or something?"

"Nah now do you have the keys?"

"Yeah we have them. Why?"

"Lets go look for the girl!" 

I can almost feel all of the confused expressions coming from the boys.

I don't know why I want to find the owner of those keys but I know it has something to do with my dream and I'm going to figure out what. 



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