Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


12. Chapter 12


Eleanor Calder."

She looked at me as if I should do something with that information. But I just glared back with no obvious realisation. Her name sounded familiar but I couldn't really put my finger on it. Eleanor Calder where did I hear that before?

"Great?", I questioned. No matter who she was, I really didn't want her here, she felt like an intruder on my inner thoughts and I never was one to share my sorrow with others, let alone be social with people who I didn’t  have anything to do with.

The girl’s tiny shoulders fell down, like a heavy weight fell off of her. "So how's Lou?", she asked a bit unsure. There was something about her eyes looking at Louis that told me she was guilty about something, but why would she feel guilt? She seemed like one of those kind of girls who couldn’t even kill a fly.

The kind I despised beyond compare.  

I eyed her suspiciously, the shock of her appearance was slowly fading away so I was finally able to think straight again.

"He's good," I replied flatly, "What are you doing here?"

I didn't ask about the rips in her clothes, simply because I didn’t want to know about her situation. I was already occupied enough in my own problems.

The girl suddenly looked up from her intense staring at Louis. Fear had took the place of guilt in her beautiful eyes.

“I-I-I need to go,” she stuttered backing away from the bed. She looked so small with all of that fear and desperation laced in her every movement. I know that if I had been anything like the girl I was before; I would’ve helped her, comforted her. But I wasn’t that girl anymore, she had disappeared, she simply stopped existing 5 years ago. And I felt nothing towards bringing her back in my life, when Dianne left that girl had left too. There’s no point in digging up old graves.

“I made a mistake coming here. I’m sorry,” she mumbled under her breath, still struggling to make her feet obey her.

Suddenly out of nowhere Harry appeared in the door opening. His face wearing an emotion of anger I had never seen before in his features. I could feel there was something wrong, and looking at Eleanor only confirmed my suspicion. Her already pale face now looked as if she had just seen a ghost. Another tear rolled down her cheek and her face turned to face the floor with it. She was still trying to get away from the small claustrophobic hospital room, but Harry gripped her tiny wrists so she couldn’t go anywhere.

Eleanor whimpered in pain, I could see Harry was hurting her. But again I couldn’t do anything about it, I was frozen holding on to Louis tightly, as if he was the only grasp on reality I still had. In front of my eyes I could see the drama unfolding as if I was just watching a film, my mind went blurry. But my vision was as sharp as it had ever been and so was my hearing. Though I wished it wasn’t.

“How dare you come here after what you did to Louis? You selfish egocentric little whore. This is not even about Louis is it? It never was! It was always about your sick little ego that needed pumping all the time! Can’t you at least have the slightest bit of conscious and stay away when you should, or is this about the media again, don’t they like you anymore now Louis tried to kill himself because of you. Do you want to act like the poor innocent girl again? EL IS THAT IT?! TELL ME!!!”

Harry shook Eleanor violently as if he was trying to make her come to sense. I saw the girl was hurting not only on the outside there was something on the inside to. Something that was killing her slowly without her even noticing it, there must’ve happened something Harry wasn’t aware off, he maybe didn’t even want to know. I could tell by experience she was hiding something so deep inside, even she didn’t know what it was.

“No, it isn’t.”, she whispered, her voice was high from holding back her tears and screams. The high pitch in her voice was what brought me to reality. Even if I absolutely didn’t care about Eleanor, I couldn’t let Harry hurt her. Unwelcome visions started flowing through my head, I ignored them and stood up from the bed. The floor started moving under my feet, it felt like I was floating. But somehow I managed to release Eleanor from Harry’s firm grip.

I took a look at Eleanor’s arm, though I already knew what I would see. Around Eleanor’s little wrist there were exactly 5 white lines slowly turning blue. I tried to block the memories, but they just kept flowing.

“Let go of me, Louis!”


Please I don’t want these memories back!

“Louis, why did you change?”

No, please go away!

My mind went blurry again, the room was spinning, crumbling. I was fighting the memories of something I thought I had forgotten about, but now it was all coming back like a canon, the memories were fired at me. Unlike the other memories this memory had been hidden so deep there were only shatters of it left. Shatters that were now backfiring through my mind, finally breaking from their chains.

Looking at my own wrist the blue lines came back.

“ALEXA!!!”, Harry screamed in the distance.

I had to escape the memories, I had to. I ran out of the small yellow chamber. Right, left, again right. I had no idea where I was going I needed to breath. Breath.

I pushed a door open hoping to feel the cold breeze of air releasing me from the agony. Luckily it did. My chest went up and down trying to inhale as much air as I could. I slowly walked towards a bench, trying to reach it without falling down.

I sat down.

Time passed… I think, in my opinion I could’ve sat there all my life. No thoughts dared breaking through my safe cocoon, shielding me from all the evil outside, inside. A man sat next to me, but I didn’t even notice. Neither did he.

There we both sat on a random bench in front of a hospital, a hospital that for me brought back things I thought I had buried deep enough to never think of again. But I didn’t. And for him brought nothing but joy. I don’t think there could’ve been 2 more opposite people sitting on that bench. Ying and Yang. But still it was faith bringing us there.

“Hi,” the man simply stated after a while.

Those 2 letters made me want to cry so badly for no reason, but tears were useless. I just wanted to go back to my save guard, he had just broken.

“Hi,” even our ‘hi’s’ were so different. His had been bright, happy; mine was dark, laced with so many emotions the sound of my voice almost drowned in them.

“How are you?”, he asked like a normal person would do when they would want to start a random conversation with someone.

“Fine.”, I lied.

“You can tell me.”

I looked at the man, he had the most blue eyes I had ever seen. He seemed so gleesome, telling him my story would ruin him, I knew that. But I needed to let go of it and he knew it too. What was it that told him I wasn’t fine so quickly? Was I that transparent?

“Tell you what?”, I decided to buy time to decide if I would tell him.

“What you’ve been wanting to tell someone for so long now. The reason you’re sitting here on a bench, deep in your thoughts.”

He was a wise man. I could tell from his bright blue eyes, he was right. But why would I tell a stranger though?

I know why I would because I couldn’t tell anyone else and I needed to let it go so badly. But still.

“You’re wrong. Thinking is the only thing I’m trying not to do, right now.”

The man gave me a friendly smile as if he knew everything already. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did though. “I survived lung cancer,” he told me for no reason but he knew it was going to help me.

“I decided that from now on I will only do the things that are important starting with helping a tortured soul like yourself.”

Now I understood why he of all persons was placed here, it was destiny. It always is.

“Do you promise you won’t judge?”, I asked him, noticing how weak my own voice sounded. He just signed me to tell him already and I did. I told him everything I could remember, or rather everything I wanted to remember. He listened and nodded at times I needed a little push, he gave me pauses to breath when it was getting too emotional and told me when I was going too fast.

At the end of my story he just stood up and left without saying a word. I wanted to run after him, but I knew that what the man did was actually very noble that it was the only thing that was the right thing in a situation like mine. He probably did have something to say, but he kept it to himself and I respected that.

Just when I decided to leave my safe spot I saw a note on the place he had sat before there was a note, a receipt from Tesco’s. I had only knew the man for an hour, but even after such a brief period of time I knew he wouldn’t do anything without a reason. Curiously I opened the little note.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

--Martin Luther King

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