Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


1. Break ups


Lexi's pov

i stare at my reflection in the mirror. My body slightly shows through my shirt. I still don't look very healthy but it's already a lot better than five years ago when i was taken into rehab. Yeah i did drugs but it wasn't completely my fault. I did it so i could forget everything Louis and his friends put me through. The daily dose of "names" just got a bit too much, sometimes. i just wanted to forget and heroine always did the job.

Oh yeah and when i said Louis i did mean Louis Tomlinson cute, funny, strange, random Louis Tomlinson well let me tell you he's everything but that he's the reason my best friend killed herself, she slid her wrists because Lou and his friends called her fat everyday. so when they started to bully me i tried to loose as much weight as i could but obviously that didn't help. There are still a lot of names one can call you. i didn't stop though the pain of hunger kind of distracted me from the everyday bullying. it's not like any one even noticed anything until i collapsed in class. Then everybody suddenly cared about me. Oh poor Lexi lost her best friend and now she just can't take it anymore but even the caring was only a facade they just send me to rehab so they could forget about me.  

Harsh? well i guess so but fate didn't give me rest at all. It made the bastard's face and voice pop up everywhere. I tried to avoid Louis and his petatic little band. I tried as hard as I could but sometimes i would hear an interview and i just couldn't help but thinking about those horrible times. they're was only one good thing about Louis being famous they're is nearly no chance i will ever see him again in my whole life. Lucky me! #sarcasme

Louis' POV

"I believe i can fly! I believe I can touch the sky" i sing along to the radio.

we're on our way to out thirth Alan Carr interview Woohoo! i like Alan Carr. He's a funny guy but the little squeaky voice is even worse in real life. I swear i wouldn't swap lives with him under any circumstances. Imagine having to listen to that voice every single day.

"Lou shut the fuck I really like this song and you're totaly raping it", Zayn screams from the backseat. I act like i don't hear him and sing a little louder "Got me running over night and day i believe i can fly away. 

I belie-" my singing is suddenly interrupted because someone-probably Harry- sticked something in my mouth and... it's warm. i look over to Harry only to see him grinning evily with his shoe in his hand. i realize what he put in my mouth was his sock and i quickly spit it out rubbing my tongue dramaticaly.

"Harold how absolutely dare you." i say like an old lady, "you know what this means don't you? mmmmh that's right no dessert for you young lad!" I pinch his cheek.

"But-" he tries to say

"No buts young lad", i interrupt him looking at him like an old schoolteacher.

Everyone in the van burst into a fit of laughter. i can't resist a grin either making the whole act even less believable. 

When we get to the studios the fans have already crowded up outside the building. I look for 'the carrots' as i like to call them they are the people who dress up like carrots to get my attention. Todays the carrots are only a small group of people but they can sure as hell scream. i can hear one of them scream "Lou i'm a carrot you know you love me" and that makes me crack up a bit. I look at the girl who said that she's way to pretty too be dressed up like a carrot and way too old to she must be at least 23 when we get out of the car the screaming gets even louder... suprisingly enough i don't get anything thrown to my head or other bodyparts... getting carrots in your private parts never gets old. Well what can i say... our fans are dedicated.

When we get in the building somebody immediately sends us to hair and make-up which i can honestly say is the worst part of this job. Screaming fans and crazy rumours i can cope with but having to wear lip-gloss and mascara in front of a thousand people is just pure embaressement 

Luckily today our stylist is in a natural mood which means we only need to wear mascara. Yipie! #note the sarcasme 

The interview goes fine up until Alan asks about the rumors that i and Eleanor broke up. I guess I kind of knew it was going to come. It's my own fault I shouldn't have put it on twitter. i swallow i'm still having a though time coping with the break-up Eleanor was my first real girlfriend and i wasn't ready to let her go yet but i guess she was. I can see the boys waiting in suspence for what will happen next. 

"It just... didn't work out anymore." i tell Alan a bit awkward. He obviously notices that i don't want to talk about it. 

Have i already said what a great guy Alan is? Well Alan decides that we should have ANOTHER dancebattle and i proudly show off my new move the hipflikle (a/n~ sorry ) which makes the crowd go crazy. Yeah i'm good i know" i say laughing when we leave the stage. Still followed by cheers

"What are you smiling at, weirdo?" i ask Liam who's just standing there laughing like a fool. He doesn't answer so i start guessing "You had a flash... future or wathever it's called and you saw me and you were happily married, we had a daughter called Lilo and lived in a big house in France" 

Liam laughs snapping out of his thoughts "Why would I be smiling at that?" 

"Because... you're secretely truly madly deeply you are foolishly completely all in love with me but you never had the courage to tell me how you really feel" i quot truly madly deeply 

"Lou please tell me you didn't really just put our song in that sentence." he asks hopefully 

"Oh but I did and i'm proud of it" I grin 

Liam just rolls his eyes and walks towards the dressing room.  

"So what were you smiling at?" I ask him again. 


"I wanna know that when you smile is it me yeah are you thinking of me yeah!", I quote another song 

"okay Lou I GET IT stop quoting our songs you sound like a fangirl. I was thinking of Dani" 

"I can't compeet with your girlfriend. She's got 27 tattoos" i say trying to sound hurt. 

Liam just frowns "Well you can't compeet with my girlfriend because I'm not gay and by the way Dani doesn't even have tattoos" 

"But..." i look at him with puppyeyes "I'm in love with you and all your little things!" 

Liam suddenly stops laughing and i do too when I see what he's staring at or should I say who. Eleanor is sitting in our dressing room with her one leg folded over the other quitely talking to Niall who is sitting next to her with a terrified look on his face like she's about to kill him. 

I take a step back but she allready saw me. 

"Lou, can we talk" she says her voice sounding sugar sweet. I want to say no and run away but my feet are stuck to the ground. I'm trapped. 

"Ehm sure?" I hear my own voice say. F*ck why did I just say that? 

The boys take that as a sign to leave the room leaving me and El alone in our awkward silence. 

"So why did you come?", i find myself saying a bit harsher as i intended to do. 

"You hung up on me before I had time to explain. I think you have to have an explanation a good one." 

I sigh. Why do girls always think an explanation will make it all better. I don't need an explanation, I don't want an explanation because it's going to be a lie anyway. 

"First of all I just want to say it's not your fault Lou it really isn't. You're a wonderful guy and you deserve a good girlfriend but that girlfriend just isn't me I am so sorry Lou-" 

"Just stop El!", I interrupt her before she can say even more bullshit, "Don't you think I had a reason for hanging up on you yesterday. I didn't want to hear all your apoligies and bullshit explanations. I know they aren't sincere and so do you El, you got tired of me i get it. It's hard but I'll get through it. it's not like this is my first break-up. I've seen it all before: the fake tears, the lies, the pats on my shoulder saying I'll find somebody else I will El but on the end she will probably lie just like every other girl did before her so what's the use of finding someone else when I allready saw every kind of break-up knowing that from the beginning everything that is left is the end inevitable always there just waiting for it's chance to come around." 

El finally shuts up. quicker than I thought she would. 

"Please El go away and never come back. I don't want to see any more fake tears. I've had enough" 

She seems to understand and walks out of the door revealing 5 other persons standing before it: Liam, Haz, Zayn, Niall and Josh. I want to yell at them for spying on me and Eleanor but i just can't find the strength anymore. 

When the door closes again. I feel the tears streaming down my face like the Niagra waterfalls. 

"Mate you did good you were strong.', Harry tells me trying to comfort me. But it doesn't work it just makes the tears roll even faster which actually surprises me. 

"Letsgohome" I manage to bring out between the tears. Everybody nods. 

"Lets do a movienight!", Josh proposes enthousiastically. I smile at him and the rest of the guys.  

"Okay but not without... CARROTS!!", I yell causing everyone to jump up and burst into laughter. I laugh along totally forgetting about what just happened between me and El. Oh sh*t I just remembered

a/n~ tadaaaaa!! OK so this was a first sneek-peak of my story revenge. I'm kind of tired of making stories no body ever reads so if you are actually reading this and you want another chapter comment or vote and i'll do another one. I'm not putting a limit or anything one is enough. I just really don't like writing stories that aren't read it's not worth all the work

Ps: I am so sorry for all my mistakes but i'm writing this on my phone and English is not my motherlanguage so pretty please forgive me :)

and btw if you're reading this you are wonderful and beautiful even though I've never met you I know you are #stalker :D don't let anyone bring you down ever! x

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