Runaway Children

3 children, 2 grown-ups, 1 thing they have in common; their urge of running away from their problems.

When those 2 people divided by fame and sorrow meet again their worlds will be turned upside down, bringing back unwanted memories and digging up old graves.

Will Alexa and Louis find a way to cope with the pain of the past or will they forever remain what they are:

Runaway children....


5. A girl from the past


Louis' pov:

I can't believe it, I was right the whole time the key did have something to do with Alexa.  

I notice I'm smiling at the thought of seeing her again. But the smile quickly fades when the realisation hits me like a brick wall: Alexa hates me, She used to say she dreamed about me burning in a bath of acid and I bet time didn't make her more forgiving. She probably throws the radio to the floor every time she hears a One Direction interview can't blame her though I almost killed her with my bullying. No wonder she wants to throw things whenever she hears my voice.

I just decided to go back home when I notice my car has reached the little red flag on my gps. I swallow can't turn back now.  

I look at the tall frightening building to my right with the number 54 on it and park my car in front. I walk into the huge appartment block that seems like a giant compared to how small I feel right now. 

But I shake off my thoughts and roam the bells for a few seconds until I find the name I've been looking for, Moore. That's the first time in 3 years I've seen her name again. My eyes start tearing as I remember the last time I saw her name.

*flashback (Two years after Alexa collapsed)*

I walk into the rehabclinic, the revulting rehabair filling my lungs. On both my sides I can see sick people walking around like zombies

"Hi could you tell me the roomnumber of Alexandra Moore please?", I ask the woman at the counter.

"Ehm OK but I need to see your iD first.", She answers politely. I hand her my ID.

"Ah", she just replies looking to my card, "I'm sorry mister Tomlinson but it seems like miss Moore put you on her list of unwanted visitors."

My breathing stops. I kind of knew she wouldn't want to see me but that she'd put me on the unwanted visitors list seems so harsh.

"B-but.", I stumble, "I really need to tell her something." My voice sounds really desperate and I can feel some fluid forming in my eyes. The woman looks at me with pity.  

"Well... we... could... let you see her in the invisibility room. She won't hear or see you but you can tell her what you wanted to. I'm sorry but that's all we can do."

I nod understanding and whipe away the tears that have now started spilling from my eyes. I'm such a baby

"You can take a seat in the waiting room.", the woman tells me pointing to the corner of the room. I sigh and take a seat taking in the strange atmosphere I'm surrounded by. I see some people talking to themselfs and nurses trying to calm down a man who's having an angerattack. I can't believe Alexa really lives here how can she get over her depression surrounded by even more depressing things. I should help her get over her depression. People always used to call me sunray because I could light up their day.

Then my stinking mind reminds me, I'm the whole reason she's depressed and anorexic and a drugadict. I ruined her life.

Just when I decide this wasn't a good idea. A woman calls my name. Before I know what I'm doing I stand up and follow her to the invisibility room.

"She'll come in in a few secs.", the woman tells me while opening the door. Hesitating I walk in to the dark room the only light there is is coming from a huge glass window showing another room that looks a lot cosyer than the one I'm standing in..

"Don't try breaking the glass it's plastic.", the woman warns me. Why would I try breaking the glass who does she think I am.  

I shake of my thoughts and watch a small girl walking into the room behind the window. I have to take a second glance before I realise it's Alexa. Her long blond hair is now, brown and short and her always shining skin seems dull and pale. She's not the girl from our old photos anymore. That smile already faded a long time ago. But for some reason I have this vision of her as a 10 year old girl with long blond plaits and smiling like she'll never be able to smile again. I guess somehow she knew, she knew her life would turn into shit very soon and it was all going to be my fault. I hate myself for ruining her life, ruining her dreams, ruining her everything. It isn't fair I didn't even want to ruin anything, I didn't want to only be able to see her through a window. But one thing I know live isn't fair.

"Alexa.", I whisper even though she won't be able to hear me anyway,

"How are you today dr. Hooter?", Alexa's bright voice sounds through the intercom. I smile she thinks I'm her doctor.

"I'm not Dr. Hooter but I'm good I'm going to audition for X-factor next week you' will be the only person I'm telling." , I grin secretely hoping she can hear me. But my grin quickely drops when she answers.

"Yeah, I'm good too."

What am I doing she can't hear me I thought coming her would make me feel better but it didn't at all it just makes me feel more shitty. I turn around to go leave but a silent singing stops me.

"Hey there delilah

What's it like in new york city

I'm a thousand miles away but swear tonight you look so pretty like you do

time square can't shine as bright you", her beautiful voice rings through the air. I stop and turn around to see Alexa picking her guitar up.

When did she learn to play the guitar?

Her fingers start gracefully hitting the strings like they could brake every second.

"Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City

I'm a thousand miles away

but girl tonight you look so pretty

like you do

time square can't shine as bright as you.

I swear it's true.", she repeats the first verse. The next verse I sing along.

"Hey there Delilah

Don't you worry about the distance.

I'm right there if you get lonely.

Give this song another listen.

Close your eyes.

Listen to my song it's my disguise.

I'm by your side."

We sing together for a while until there comes a guy into Alexa's room cutting her singing.

She frowns "Dr. Hooter? But who's behind the wall than?"

"I'm sorry Alexa but we can't tell you", the doctor replies calmly, "I'm just here to take you away because one of our nurses let someone in she shouldn't.

Alexa's facial expression changes from confused to angry.

"It's Louis isn't it.", she says calmly but her face can't hide her burning anger.

"Alexa calm down.", the doctor tells her laying his hand on her shoulder.

But Alexa ignores him and turns around looking straight in my eyes even though she can't see me.

"How do you even dare coming here you, fucking asshole?!", she screams. I take a step back glad that the window is unbreakable.

"Alexa I'm not telling you any more calm down or you'll might spend the night in the solitary room.", the doctor warns her.

"Oh shut up, Hooter! This is between me and Louis!", she snaps at him but her eyes keep staring in mine.

I just couldn't believe it she seemed so happy before she knew it was me behind that wall I know I hurted her a lot but her screaming seemed so different from the look in her eyes she looked like she was glad, glad I came, glad I didn't forget her. I probably just pretended that but... I don't know her anger didn't seem very genuine.

"I'm sorry mister Tomlinson but you should probably leave now.", a tall woman tells me. I jump up from the floor noticing that I have collapsed on the floor.

"I probably should.", I state and run out of there as fast as my feets can carry me.

*end of flashback*

I smile a bitter smile that's the second flashback I have where I run out on Alexa.  

A familiar voice snaps me out of my thoughts. 


I turn around to see Alexa standing there with a mixture of feelings in her eyes like she just remembered something. 

There is a silence as we stare into eachothers eyes mine still watery from the flashback and hers full of anger like in the flashback.  

"I'm not even going to scream to you Louis. You aren't worth my anger. Just leave right now and don't come back.", she tells me while opening the door for me.

"Just wait Alexa I'm so sorry for what I did to you and Dianne. I haven't been able to have a good sleep since the day you collapsed and I really need you to forgive me, desperatly."

My vision is getting blury from the tears but I can still see Alexa's bewilderd look. 

"That's it ay Louis. You always think it's about you. Don't you?" 

I feel a throb of pain in my chest she probably won't forgive me anytime soon. 

"Look Alexa I'm really sorry. I don't know how I can make it up to you.", I hear my voice say in the distant. 

She lets out a sarcastic laugh. 

"Make it up to me really Lou? What do you want to make up that you killed my best friend, that you ruined my entire childhood... oh yeah or I almost forgot that you gave me anorexia." 

Another dagger shoots through my heart why can't I say anything right?! 

"Ehm... all of them." 

Really Louis that's probably your stupidest one yet.  

Alexa looks at me with a strange look in her eyes and proceeds with a calm and icy tone: "Just get the fuck out of here Louis and never show your face in this appartement again. I'm going shopping and I expect you to be gone when I'm back 'cause if you're not I won't hesitate to make damn sure there won't be any little Louis' and Louisa's in the future. Got it?" 

I shiver as I watch her walk through the door.  

What happened to the sweet girl from a few years ago. 

I guess she's gone now.

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