Smudged Ink Sky

Where I live, it literally rains ALL the time. When I wrote this, a literal thunderstorm was brewing outside, and I must say it has to come in top 3 of 'worst storms I've ever seen'..... So yes, that's where the inspiration came from!

*Had to re-upload this for the Second Poetry Competition, so sadly any previous faves, comments etc were lost (not that there were a lot!) but please let me know what you think! x


1. Smudged Ink Sky


Storm threatens in tempestuous skies,

Horizon bruised blush and black and blue,

Like ink smudged across a crisp, white page.

Clouds gather, long strands of mist grey wool

Woven softly upon the world's spinning wheel,

Vast growing darkness seeping everywhere.

Single raindrop chases down the window,

And another and another-

Like tears streaking down a pale cheek,

Or children racing their friends

To the other side of

A stretching tarmac playground

The sky is crying,

Crying in heaving drawn sobs-

Leaving the delicate spider's web clinging

To the nook beneath the sill,

Glistening with tiny specks of monsoon dew.

Anger swirls endless in the kaleidoscope above-

Resounding crack of thunder, sharpest flash of lightning,

Like a jagged painted smile splashed upon this

Jigsaw canvas of light and colour and fiery beauty.

Now the heavens truly open-

Spread their gates wide,

And let the teardrops pour.

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