Forbidden But Magic

Kristen Kantel goes to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry she is a Slytherin she also comes from a full blood family and is the quidditch team captain and has never even thought about boys especially boys from other houses like Griffindoor but she's never noticed the boy that commentates for all quidditch games until she starts hearing some of his remarks during games and she takes a bit of a fancy to him but he's in GRIFFINDOOR!


1. Quidditch Game

Kristen's POV

"Good luck for today you know that Ravenclaw has a pretty good game iv'e seen them train" my best friend Holly says "yeah but I think we have quite a good chance" I reply putting my charms homework down next to me and turning to my friend in my seat. I brush my ginger hair behind my back and straightening my silver and green tie I get up "well the game is gonna start in like half an hour so I better go get ready" I go up the steps from the common room in the dudgeons. Walking through the long corridors and out to the change rooms, I step into the girls change rooms which are deserted because i'm the only girl on the team I can hear boys chants thats the rest of the team all the boys when i'm finished I lean against the hallway of the boys change rooms and yell "hurry up! You worthless gits!" "hey!" Draco Malfoy says pretending to be hurt "you filthy mud blood!" he says walking through the door "i'm full blood you dufus" I say following him out onto the field with the rest of the team. As we walk on the pitch cheers erupt throughout the crowd mostly the slytherins. Styles-the commentator starts announcing the players I decide to listen this once he's finished the team now he's doing me "and 

and now Kantel have you noticed me yet you know that one time you flew right over me and I saw right up your-" Harry says but is the cut off by Proffesor McGonagle yelling "STYLES IM WARNING YOU!" I'm glad she said that, I look up at Harry he blushes I just shake my head and roll my eyes he he. A big whistle is blown and we raise up into the air. The game has just started and I'm circling the match I'm actually quite good at quidditch in fact I'm the best on the team I see the snitch in the distance I lower quite close to the ground when I feel a big BAM in my back it was a bludger oh no before I know it I'm out cold. "Oh no is she ok?" I faintly hear Harry say then I feel myself being put onto a hospital bed and carried of court. I wake up in the hospital wing with my arm in a cast damn! "She's waking up!" I hear Holly say "what happened?" I ask very confused "you were hit by a bludger and knocked of your broom and landed on my arm" I hear a very farmiliar voice, Harry. My eyes are closed and I moan "griffindoor germs!" "Oh c'mon that's for first years" he says I just shake my head and open my eyes "so I flyed over you and you saw right up my what?" I say "nothing" he replies quickly I laugh "ah ha haaaa I still hate you" I say he nods and then Proffesor McGonagle comes in "now Kirsten its only minor nothing a little bit of magic can't fix and you'll be out by tomorrow and that's when Harry will be helping you get back to your top form for quidditch" she says both me and Harry's jaws drop "I know I made out that I liked her but really she's a slytherin and I'm a griffindoor" Harry wines "yeah" I argue "no that's what's happening no ifs or buts" " what!" Me and Harry moan at the same time.
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