The Table

A silent play I am writing at the moment that covers the issue of abuse.


1. Scene 1


            The stage is empty except for a white, round table in the middle of the room, on e chair is set at it faces the audience s left. The stage lighting is milky; half of the stage is left of the shadows, the table is lit from above. There is a woman curled up in the corner, the audience cannot see her, she is a lifeless form, completely unmoving. There is a door along the same wall, on stage right. The floor is made of wood, there is a worn out white, rectangular rug on the floor under the table. The navy blue walls have holes in some places, the colour wearing away in the corners. A clock sits on the wall; all that can be heard is the passing of time. The door squeaks as it opens, a large silhouetted figure enters and tosses his coat in the corner over the lady. The audience can hear his shoes on the wood as he makes slow deliberate steps towards the woman. (When he is around the woman he is silhouetted; when he is around the little girl the audience can see his face clearly). The man is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a navy blue tie. The woman is wearing a large, baggy, white, stained blouse, her legs are bare but bruises mar the smooth surface , as well as her feet. She is fairly petite, the man is tall.


MAN holds a pair of glasses in his left hand. Grabs the woman’s arm and drags her to her feet.


WOMAN Quickly runs out of room, carrying man’s coat. She comes back holding two white, round plates, both filled with food. Cutlery is on the plates.


MAN sits down at table, takes the first dish from her and deliberately drops it on the wooden floor, the plate shatters. He picks up the second dish and begins to eat. He is lit from the top back, leaving him in almost a silhouette.


WOMAN crouches down and begins picking up the pieces of food and glass. She places them in her baggy shirt, showing her black underwear and the bruises, they worsen the farther up the leg they are. The pieces soak and stain her shirt, leaving brown and red spots. Her head is bowed. There is a knock at the door, she continues to pick up the pieces, not responding to the sound.


MAN Unlocks door and looks down to see a small girl with large eyes and long, brown, wavy hair standing there. She is wearing a navy blue dress, slightly tattered around the edges, and dirty white tennis shoes. He puts on his glasses and picks the girl up and hugs her.


GIRL returns hug loosely, once placed on the ground runs from stage left to stage right and up some stairs, leaving the scene.


MAN his footsteps are loud and deliberate as he walks back to the table. He takes his glasses off, glaring at woman. He returns to his food…all that can be heard is the scraping of the fork and knife on the plate.


WOMAN stands, holding broken ceramics and food in her shirt, black underwear and bruises clearly visible. She leaves room stage right, head still bowed, and returns a few moments later with a mop and a broom. She begins sweeping the area and then starts mopping, there are pieces of food on the carpet which she bends to pick up.


MAN steps on woman’s fingers


WOMAN quickly withdraws her fingers and continues on mopping


MAN finishes food and pushes plate back, looks down on woman smacks her


WOMAN looks up and runs out of room. Returns with a glass of water. She then grabs his plate and leaves room, returning again with a plate of chocolate cake. She kneels once again, this time with a cloth. She picks up the food from beneath the table. She exits, this time not returning.


MAN eats cake, stands up



End of Scene 1

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