Bite Me

Becka lives a normal boring life, in a normal boring town until her best friend Ally decides they should have some fun. They end up meeting Harry Styles and learn he isn't who everyone thinks he is. Will Becka survive falling for him or will she lose her self in the process? Will Harry help her to find true self or will he hurt her beyond repair?


2. The Boys

"Is she going to be alright?" asked what I recognized as Niall's voice.
"I don't know." said what I think is Liam. My eyes fluttered open. I looked around to see three boys of the five boys. I tried to get up but when I tried I instantly flopped back down. My head was throbbing horribly.
"It's going to be alright babe." Zayn assured me.
"Where are the rest of you?" I asked in a quiet voice.
"You Harry and Louis? They're in their rooms. They snapped again." My eyes widened at Liam's words.
"What exactly is going on here? What are you?" Zayn sighed. Well we're do I put this....vampires." He looked down and I started to panic. I was in a room duo VAMPIRES!!! Oh my gosh!!!
"Wait, before you scream or faint or anything, I just want to let you know that we aren't going to hurt you." Niall sighed quickly. I stared into his crystal blue eyes for a second before nodding.
"Ok, well here." Zayn say me up slowly and turned me so I was facing him.
"You will forget everything from last night to this morning. All you will remember is being attacked by a wild animal." I was confused, how am I surpassed to forget just like that?
"What do you mean?" He and the other boys looked shocked.
"Didn't you forget?" I shook my head.
"Here let me try!" said Niall. Niall tried and then Liam but still nothing.
"Maybe our powers just don't work on her." Liam suggested. I shook my head.
"No, they work. Harry used his on me last night." That confused them even more.
"I guess only Harry can control her." I smiled, at least the rest of them couldn't make me do anything. They all sighed.
"Well, we have to go shopping now that we're going to have a human living with us." Woah, wait a second!
"Um, I'm sorry but I can't stay with you guys. I mean what about my family and friends and Ally?" I stopped. My mind wandered to poor Ally dead. Louis had probably got to her while harry went after me.
"Sorry love but you know too much for us to let you leave. As for your friends and family, they will be told that you died. It will be a closed casket ceremony." Liam sighed with a sad expression on his face. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I thought of everyone thinking I was dead. That would be just horrible. I wiped the tear away before they noticed. I nodded slowly and with that, the walked towards the door. Just before they left Liam spoke.
"One last thing, don't under any circumstances go upstairs." I nodded and the door closed with a thud. I can't believe this, my best friend is dead, everyone else thinks I'M dead and now I'm going to spend the rest of my life living with five teenage boy vampires. Ugh how could this get any worse?
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