Bite Me

Becka lives a normal boring life, in a normal boring town until her best friend Ally decides they should have some fun. They end up meeting Harry Styles and learn he isn't who everyone thinks he is. Will Becka survive falling for him or will she lose her self in the process? Will Harry help her to find true self or will he hurt her beyond repair?


3. Help

Becka's P.O.V.
I tried to get up again, succeeding this time. I walked around gigantic house. There was granite tile floors in the kitchen and soft carpet in the living room. Their couch was a dark gray. I touched it and felt its soft texture. I flopped down onto it and grabbed a TV remote. I turned on the 58" Plasma screen TV and the news appeared. It was a story about two young on Burgington Road. I gasped, that was the road Ally and I were on last night.
'One of the girls, identified as Ally McDaniels, was said to have been attacked by a wild animal of some sort. This really shouldn't be too surprising considering that this town right next to a massive forest and has a history of animal attacks resulting in injury and in some cases, death. The other girl, believed to be Becka Stephens, has not been found dead or alive.' The news lady's words rung in my ears. A couple of tears rolled down my face but I quickly wiped them away. No need to cry over the past. I switched the TV off and just sat there all alone in silence. I heard what I think was doors slamming and things falling coming from upstairs. Oh my gosh, Harry and Louis were up there! I quickly ran and hid behind the couch. I closed my eyes and a few moments later the sounds stopped. I slowly crept out from behind the couch. I felt a tap on my shoulder which made me jump. I turned around to see Louis and Harry, each with an twisted smile on their face. I triend to run but Louis grabbed me. He leaned closer and looked into my eyes.
"Kiss me." He commanded but unlike last night, I didn't do as he said. I kept struggling in his arms. He had a puzzled expression on his face. He turned to Harry and he shrugged. Then Harry grabbed me and took his turn.
"Kiss me." He spoke. It was exactly like last night, I couldn't resist his commands. Our lips met but it felt odd, like I
actually WANTED to kiss him right now. He pulled away looking surprised.
"Wait a second, why can I control you when no one else can?" I shook my head. He stood there thinking for a minute or two when I heard the front door open and in a flash Harry and Louis were gone. They had gone to talk to the boys. I eavesdropped in on their conversation.
"Do you guys have any idea why only I can control her?" Harry asked.
"No, not at all." Zayn answered back. I walked into the room where they were and spoke.
"Um...does this mean there's something wrong with me?" They all turned to look at me. Liam shook his head.
"No it just means your special." I thought about that for a second, I'm 'special'. I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch, the boys followed like cute little puppies. I smile as I saw the bag of groceries in Niall's hand.
"So what did you get me?" He smiled a cute little toothy smile.
"Well we got some Mac and cheese, stuff for spaghetti, stuff for pancakes, waffles, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, bread." I laughed.
"How did you know?" He laughed his cute little Irish laugh.
"I just guessed." I smiled warmly.
"Thanks." He lead me to the kitchen and helped me make a sandwich.
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