Bite Me

Becka lives a normal boring life, in a normal boring town until her best friend Ally decides they should have some fun. They end up meeting Harry Styles and learn he isn't who everyone thinks he is. Will Becka survive falling for him or will she lose her self in the process? Will Harry help her to find true self or will he hurt her beyond repair?


1. Dead

Becka's P.O.V.
I stared blankly out my bedroom window into the cloudy sky. My vision being obscured as large droplets of water hit the glass, making a small ding as each one came into contact with its surface. I touched the window and shivered from the freezing temperature of the glass. I kept my hand on the window despite this. The cold felt good on my hot skin. I sighed and flopped down onto my huge queen sized bed. I closed my eyes and imagined myself all grown up, I would probably working as someone high end doctor at a high end hospital and every night I would go home to an empty house. I would eat alone. I would never smile, laugh, or go out and have fun. I would live the life everyone wanted me to live. A tear escaped through my closed eyes. I would work as hard as I can my whole life to reach the goals everyone else set for me. I sighed. Might as well have fun now while I'm still young and free. I jumped up out of bed and pulled on some black skinny jeans and a tank top. I grabbed hoodie and put it on before running to the bathroom and doing my hair and makeup. I curled my long, fine dark brown hair into loose curls at the tips. I brushed on some white eye shadow and black eyeliner. After swiping on some mascara and light pink lip slick, I grabbed my phone and called my best friend Ally. She answered in her usual cheery voice.
"Hey girl what's up?"
"Oh nothin much, just bored out of my mind." She laughed.
"Well maybe you can go with me to Jason's party tonight. I promise it won't be boring!" I sighed. I should probably go because I haven't gone to any parties in a while.
"Fine." She said how awesome I was and that I was the bestist best friend in the whole world before I said goodbye and hung up. I sighed as I looked in the mirror. I changed into a dark pale blue long sleeve shirt. I slipped on some matching converse and touched up my make up a bit. My phone beeped, it was text from Ally saying when the party was and that she would pick me up. It was in a half an hour so I decided to go on twitter. I kept scrolling through everybody's posts until a heard a knock at the door. I jumped and answered it to Ally I hugged her and then got into the passenger seat of her bright red Lammborgini. She is richer than Oprah! She is popular but she still hangs out with me even though I'm a bit of a loner. At least no one teases me because they know that Ally would ruin themif they did.
~~~at the party~~~
We got to the party a couple of hours ago and I can't find Ally anywhere. I searched through all the bedrooms until I found her snogging Jason Carder, the guy who's party it was. I rolled my eyes and pulled her off of him.
"HEY!!!!" She yelled as I dragged her outside. I had been drinking a bit so I probably shouldn't drive. I looked over at Ally, she was wasted. I guess we're walking home. I pulled her down the street. After a while I didn't have to hold her hand anymore, she was just walking beside me. It was completely dark outside except the lamp posts. Heard a noise coming from behind us. I turned my head but their was no one there, just like the rest of the street. I looked over to Ally but she was gone. I stopped.
"ALLY!" I screamed with panic only voice. I heard a piercing scream. I ran towards ran towards the sound and hid behind a corner. I peeked over and saw Ally's lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on the ground. I screamed but quickly covered my mouth. Next thing I knew, cold hands grabbed me and turned me around and pushed my back to the cool brick wall. I gasped, it was Harry Styles from One Direction. I wasn't a fan or anything but I knew who they were. Harry had blood dripping from his lips.
"Hello love, what is a pretty girl like you walking alone is a dark dangerous place like this?" My
heartbeat sped up.
"Um...actually I was just waiting for my mom to pick me up." He smiled evilly and leaned closer.
"Kiss me." I immediately kissed him. I tried to resist his command but I couldn't. He kissed down me neck slowly. Then I felt a sharp pain. It felt like his teeth were razor blades! After almost a minute, I felt him be jerked away. I looked up to see all the other boys holding him back. My vision grew blurry and I felt weak. That's when everything went black.

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