Leave Me Some Morphine.

Good girl Tori is tired of her parents telling her what to do all the time. She always holds it in, but she's reached her breaking point.


1. Chapter 1


Author's Chapter Notes: An idea just popped into my head while listening to Bruno Mars, so I decided to write! P.S., sorry if I mess up a British term or word, as I am American. Telling you that now! .Xx

"But all my friends are going. And anybody who matters is gonna be there, mum."

"I matter and your father matters and you matter. But you're not going."


"No! I said no, and I mean it. No."

"Why not? Everybody but me is going!"

"Because, Tori. I'm sure there is going to be no adult supervision and I'm sure there will be alcohol."

"Mum, no there won't. You know I would never drink, anyways. Just please let me g-"

"Tori, you are 17. You cannot legally drink right now. You are not leaving this house tonight."

"Mum, I'm nearly 18. You know I wouldn't drink anyways. Just stop being such a bitch." She mumbled the last part to herself.

"NO! Go to your room. Now."

"But mu-"

"Victoria you have 10 seconds to get to your fucking room, or all hell will break loose. 1, 2, 3...."

Victoria, or as most people call her, Tori, quickly exited the room, and went up the stairs to her bedroom, on the third floor of her house. 

She rang up her best mate, Jenny.

"Jenny? I can't go. Mum said so." 

"So sneak out."

"I can't just sneak out, Jen. Mum is already pissed as it is for dad coming home at 3 this morning. If she catches me, I'm dead."

"Thought so. See you in school tomorrow."

"Well, I thought maybe you could come over tonight?"

"Tori, I'm going to the party. This is the biggest party of the year, and I am not missing it because you're a goody-two shoes."

"Am not."

"Then sneak out."

"No." She whispered.

"I've gotta go. See ya later." 

With that, Tori ended the call, and threw her iPhone across the room. She was lying on her back, rubbing her head, thinking on her bed. 

She got up, looked at the clock, and went to her wardrobe. She pulled the cord that lit up the walk-in closet in her room. She walked to the back, and shoved all of her jackets out of the way. 

She took the box off the bottom shelf that was hidden, and out of sight unless the seeker knew it was there. She set the box on her bed, and put her robe on. She slipped on her slippers, and walked downstairs acting tired. 

"Mum, you're right. There's no point in even going to the stupid party." 

She shuffled her feet across the hard, living room floor, into the kitchen. She yawned, and grabbed a glass out of the cupboard, and turned the tap on.

"I heard the stupid things gonna be a dud anyways." 

She flipped the knob down so the water had ceased coming out of the faucet. 

"I'm going to read for a bit, and maybe watch a film, then I'm gonna go to bed. Night mum."

Her mother was sitting on the couch watching the T.V, back facing the kitchen. Luckily for Tori, it was late, and her mum is gullible. 

"Night darling. Oh have you seen your father?"

"No, I don't believe he's home quite yet. Night, love you!"

"Alright, love you too, rest well."

Her mother was oblivious to the whole situation. She didn't know that she had just been played by her own daughter right in front of her.

Tori made her way back up the stairs, with the glass of water in her hand. 

It was only her and her mother at home nowadays because her father is 'working late' every night. Tori is an only child, and the 'good girl' of her school.

Tori set the glass of water on her bedside table, and slipped her feet out of the furry slippers, and set them next to her bed, where she routinely put them each night and morning. She took off her pink and white striped robe, after untying the belt, and hung it up on the back of her door.

She was going to be reckless tonight, and come out of her 'good girl' shell. She opened up the box, and unfolded the dress that was hidden inside. 

It was a dress she got while she was out with Jenny, years ago as a dare at Victoria's Secret. She brought it home, and immediately hid it in her closet. Jenny doesn't remember this small purchase, though. 

Jenny is quite the character. She has had over 10 boyfriends in the past year, and goes out and parties nearly every night. Her and Tori are exact opposites, but somehow they are best mates. They have been since grade school. Jenny was just like Tori until she went to America one summer and met this girl, Taylor. Taylor told Jenny to loosen up, and Jenny came back later that summer, a completely different person.

Tori put on the dress, and took the glasses that she always wears, off. She put contacts in, and curled her naturally pin straight hair that everyone envied. They all thought she straightened it every morning, but she didn't.

In school, Tori is at the top of her class, and has a perfect average. She is nice with all the teachers, but all the kids think she is just a goody goody, and a suck up. 

Tonight, she was going to prove everyone wrong. 

After her hair was curled, she put on make up. She never wears make up, ever. Not even mascara or cover up. Ever. She only put on a light touch to bring out her bright green eyes, and then some chap stick. She never will be a make up girl. 

Her blonde hair was finally curled. In every curl you could see her natural highlights. She looked her self up and down, and then got the box off her bed, and put the empty box back in her closet in its original spot. She went over to the corner of her room where she threw her phone, and grabbed it. She then locked her door, and shut her lights off. 

She was sneaking out.

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