Forget Me Not

Scarlett has forgotten something, something important. She has to find out what it is soon, or the world could change forever. Whether it’s using magic or battling monsters, hopefully Scarlett won’t regret her choice.


2. Witches Well

Someone from the left dived towards me. I dodged then tripped him up. Another came and I hit them in the face. The boy fell to the ground everyone stepped back. My 'ex - boyfriend' was getting annoyed. Lifting his hand up everyone walled away and left. "I don't really like hitting girls, but you’ve left me no choice. You’re the one who started this." I looked at him surprised then shouted "WHAT EVEN IS YOUR NAME?!" He looked down then smiled, "Justin, my name is Justin." Then he ran towards me flailing his arms about and screaming in a high pitched voice. He had so many openings that he had probably never ever fought before. I flicked his head and he collapsed. The bell went I walked to class leaving him lying on the ground.

"Where's Justin?" The teacher asked us all in form. I was too tired to tell them and nobody else knew so everyone kept silent. When school had ended I walked home the slow way, through the forest. It was nice and quiet except for the odd dog walker; I was walking towards the witches well. The well was said to contain the curses of drowning witches that were tortured in the middle ages. Looking down the well I saw a dead owl at the bottom, both its wings were broken. I was just about to walk away when I slipped and fell head first into the well.

Closing my eyes, I waited for the impact. But it never came. Opening my eyes slowly I saw that I was lying in a meadow full of sunflowers. I sat up puzzled, wondering where I was. Standing up I started to walk around. I had lost my shoes and the ground was all wet and muddy, so I decided to take my socks off. A few more minutes of endless walking, I saw a figure picking the flowers. Running towards the figure I stared to ask for help. When I was close I saw that he was an old man who had bear ears and a small brown tail. "Hello there, are you lost?" He asked with a smile. Backing away I ran back to the well. I was going to climb back inside when something struck me from behind.

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