Forget Me Not

Scarlett has forgotten something, something important. She has to find out what it is soon, or the world could change forever. Whether it’s using magic or battling monsters, hopefully Scarlett won’t regret her choice.


3. A Meeting with the King

I woke up in a small, dark room with just a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There were no windows just a door. I walked towards it, banging my hand against it. There was no response so I walked back into the corner and crouched down.

It felt like hours had passed when the door finally opened. Stood there was a young man with white hair, glasses, bunny ears and a fluffy tail. The man started to walk towards me, and then leaned close to my face. Looking deep into my eyes, he suddenly put my hands into handcuffs. I looked down at my hands then back at him. “Stop gawking and follow me.” The man said in a sharp tone.

After walking down a hallway we stopped in the middle of a large room. There was a throne in front of me. It was made out of oak, the head was decorated with jewels and the seat had red velvet plush cushions. A man came in then sat down on the throne, he was wearing a crown so I assumed he was the king. The man looked like a lion with a big red bushy beard. “What are you doing here in Amber kingdom?” The king asked with a low gruff voice, I told him that I fell into the well. Looking worried the king leaned over and whispered to a guard standing next to him, nodding the guard walked away.

“Only people of my kind can go through the well, but you’re a human; maybe the seal broke when my father died?” Mumbled the king while he stroked his beard. Clicking his fingers the ‘rabbit’ standing next to me tapped my shoulder. Turning around I followed to a metal door, opening it he pushed me inside. Tripping I fell to the ground, I turned my head but the door was already closed. The ground was like dry orange dirt. Looking up I saw that I was surrounded by people who kept whispering to each other.

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