Forget Me Not

Scarlett has forgotten something, something important. She has to find out what it is soon, or the world could change forever. Whether it’s using magic or battling monsters, hopefully Scarlett won’t regret her choice.


1. Breaking Up

  “How are you feeling, Scarlett? I was a bit worried when you fainted” I looked up and saw a boy with blond hair and green eyes smiling. “I’m sorry, but who are you?” The boy stepped back and looked surprised “I’m your boyfriend remember, I know I asked you yesterday and it must be a shock but how could you FORGET ME!” I looked at him still with a blank face trying to remember. He pointed towards me, took a step forwards then shouted “YOU KNOW WHAT, WERE THROUGH, I REALISE YOU HAD A BIT OF A BAD MEMORY BUT IF YOU CAN’T REMEMBER ME, THEN FORGET IT!”

He then stormed out shouting some more complaints about me and how he would get me back. I stood still for a while just staring into space, trying to process what he said. I shrugged my shoulders then carried on walking.

When I got to class I sat down at my desk next to the window. I looked at the large tree outside, it was a cherry blossom tree, there was a black bird sitting on top of one of the branches, it looked like a raven with red eyes. The bird seemed to be shaking its head and kept twitching; it was bothering me so I looked away. The teacher came in, everyone went to their places and the lessons began.

When it was lunch time, I went outside and sat next to the tree. I had forgotten to make lunch at the orphanage so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I was just about to go to sleep when a boy stood in front of me blocking the sunlight. He was the boy who dumped me before and it seemed like he gathered a few more people. I was surrounded.

“Because you forgot about me, I’m going to have to punish you to make you remember, my little Scarlett” he said this then cracked a smiled; clicking his fingers the other people started to walk towards me slowly. I stood up and got my fists ready to fight.

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