Tree House Memories

Brooke and Liam. Best friends. Inseparable. Always playing up in Brooke's treehouse in her backyard, creating so many memories. They were the closest friends could get, until Liam moved away to London. 10 minutes before Liam moved, they made a promise.

Read the fanfiction to find out the promise, and the roller coaster that is life! ;D


3. Reunited Once Again

*Liam POV*

Brooke would never forgive me for leaving her, since she could hold a grudge easily. She wouldn't forgive me for breaking our promise either. We promised that we would get married and have children. But that is going to change, because I don't like her anymore. It was only a childish crush, I mean we were only 9 right? So I moved on and now I have been going out with Danielle for quite a while and I really love her, and no one is going to change that. But what if my feelings went away because I haven't seen her in 9 years? What if my feelings for her snap right back to what they were when I see her? What if everything gets ruined with Danielle!? My life is full of 'what ifs?' and I hate it...

Currently, all of the four lads and I were just relaxing. Zayn was reading a book, Harry and Niall were playing COD, Louis was on his iPhone, and I was just lounging on the couch, ready to take a nap. Just as I was about to fall into a deep sleep, Zayn jumped up exclaiming "FINISHED!" I just groaned and got up. "Finished the book already? You just got it two days ago at our last venue!" I complained, knowing he wanted another book. "It was so good! Li-Li, can we please go get another book please!?" Zayn pleaded, pouting his bottom lip. "Fine, but I'm not the only one going with you. The last time that happened, I wanted to kill myself because I was bored because you took so long. All of you boys are going too" I said, getting up from my comfortable spot on the couch and pointing at all the boys. They all groaned and that made Zayn and I chuckle.

We all hop into the Range Rover and I punched in 'Book Stores' into the GPS. We go to one on the very bottom of the list, just to make sure we don't get mobbed by fans, seeing as we begged Paul to go alone. That wouldn't be good for us at all. I can only imagine what it would be like. Yikes.

"Hey Li-Li, isn't this the place where that girl lives? The one that you miss, but never told us her story. What was her name, Brooke? You just always used miss her before you met Danielle, saying you miss the tree house and stuff. Would you ever tell us the story?" Harry asked from the back seat.

Memories came flooding back to me. All from the tree house and the day I moved.


We were in the house part of B's tree house, pretending we were bakers in a contest. We had a bunch of pots filled with excess mud that wasn't used. We were making mud pies for our "judges" to judge, (our mums), since we complained that we were bored and we had nothing to do since it was raining out. This was the idea our mothers came up with, and B and I were in love with it. We loved competition, especially against each other, so this was perfect.On the floor were aluminum pans filled with mud, topped with grass in rocks in different designs just for decoration. They were ready to be brought inside to be judged.

"Okay Chef B, let's bring these pies inside to be judged" I said, holding some pies out for her to carry.

"Okay Chef Li-Li" Brooke responded, saluting me before taking the pies.

We both had 2 pies to be judged, so both of our hands were full with the dense mud pies. I made my way down the ladder somehow, and I was waiting on the bottom for Brooke. She was seeming to fumble with making her way down the ladder and holding the pies at the same time. I offered to help her, but being the persistent stubborn person she is, she wouldn't let me help. I shook my head and looked down at my pies just to make sure they were still perfect.They were okay, seeing as it was raining and everything was getting ruined anyway.


"B! YOU ARE SO GETTING IT FOR THIS!" I yelled. She ended up giving up going down the ladder with the pies, so she just dropped them on top of my head. Brooke must have know what my reaction would have been, because she was booking it across her giant yard to get inside the house. I started running after her, and I know I'm faster than her, so I caught up easily.


"LI-LI!" Brooke yelled, wiping the mud out of her hair. She bent down and picked up a fist full of mud, then threw it at my shirt.

"Awww now come give me a hug!" I shouted over the rain, chasing her. I caught her easily and have her a big bear hug. I rubbed my chest all over her, making sure she got dirty even more also, while she was squealing the entire time.

She tried to push me away, but my grip on her was tight, so we both ended up falling, her on top of me. Brooke rolled off to the side and we both were giggling from the mishap.

*End of Flashback*

I was chuckling to myself from the memory.

"Ey man, are you okay?" Niall asks.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking of something that made me laugh" I said, pulling up to the store.

"So does she live here or what?" Harry asks, hopping out of the car. Zayn walks through the door and we all follow him.

"Yeah, she does" I say, a little sad that we never kept touch or else I would be at her house as of right now.

Zayn parts ways and goes to find a store clerk to help him find his book. Hopefully it's so much longer than the last one so we don't have to go to a book store any time soon. I look off to the side and see a bunch of couches and comfy looking recliners gathered around a simple coffee table. I wave the gang over to the chairs and we sit down comfortably.

"Can you tell us the story now? We never got around to hearing it. You were always putting it off" Louis says, sitting in a big leather recliner.

I sigh and begin telling the story. Not leaving out one detail about how she looked, her personality, and the tree house. It was taking Zayn quite a while to pick out a book geesh.

In the middle of telling the story, I was interrupted.

"Li-Li?" was all I heard to make me stop. It was like a soft whisper. A calming sound. Then I realized something.

The nickname.

The voice.

It was her.

My B.

My Brooke.

I looked up at her, and sure enough it was. The sandy brown wavy hair, still looking the same, except longer. Her grey eyes were like looking at a cloud when there is a thunderstorm going on. She seemed to lose all baby fat, in her face at least because I couldn't see anywhere else, since she had a bulky hoodie on.

"B!" I exclaimed, finally getting at least a word out of my mouth. It's not even a word, it's a letter!

I rushed over and gave her a bear hug, just like we did the day we had the mud fight.

"Told you we would be reunited again" I whisper into her hair.

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