Tree House Memories

Brooke and Liam. Best friends. Inseparable. Always playing up in Brooke's treehouse in her backyard, creating so many memories. They were the closest friends could get, until Liam moved away to London. 10 minutes before Liam moved, they made a promise.

Read the fanfiction to find out the promise, and the roller coaster that is life! ;D


4. Catching Up

*Brooke POV*


When we finally broke apart, I saw Maddy and Granny Jane giving me questioning looks. I was confused for a second, then I could see what they were for.

 "Oh I'm sorry! This is my friend Liam that moved away 9 years ago" I said, introducing him to the two in the doorway.

"Best friend you mean" Liam said, grinning.

"So he's the one you mope about some days" Maddy says, winking at Liam and I. I flushed a deep red from embarrassment. I am soooo going to kill her later for that. Maybe later I could just sneak her phone out of her purse and text Mason saying she loves him. Hmmm. I should. I'm just too good at revenge.

Liam was chuckling while the rest of the boys were cracking up. I turned around and noticed three other boys on the couches and chairs, the rest of One Direction. I raised my eyebrow at them, and they stopped laughing.

"Hello love" curly said.

"Hi Harry" I replied. The rest of the boys said hello as Liam introduced me to them as his best friend. After all of these years I can't believe we are still best friends. Zayn came over with around 3-5 books in his hands, ready to check out. Maddy guided him to the desk and Granny Jane went into the back to finish up inventory, leaving me alone with the boys.

"Soooo. How have ya been?" Liam asked, looking in my direction with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"Pretty peachy, and you?" I returned.

"Good, good" he replied. Now things got awkward, seeing as we haven't seen each other in forever and we have nothing to talk about.

"So tell us about yourself Brooke. I mean, besides stuff from when you were a child. Liam has already told us all of that" Niall said with a thick Irish accent.

"Well, I have always lived here in Wolverhampton, since birth. All growing up I had mainly one friend, and that's where Liam came in. We always hung out in my tree house and there are so many memories that I still see every time I go there. You guys probably know all about that, so I'll skip to the present. I have been working here for a couple of months. I graduated from school last year. And since Liam left, I have grown close to Maddy, and she is my other best friend. That's about it..." I said, trailing off. All of the guys were watching me intently, nodding at everything, like they understood.

"But I'm more of a best friend right?" Liam asked, with puppy dog eyes. Before I answered, I just looked around for Maddy and responded with a nod. This made Liam grin, The rest of the boys, along with Liam, chuckled. Maddy came back with Zayn and that made the boys laugh. The Irish one was laughing so hard that his face was bright red. I giggled slightly, and we continued talking.

More people started flooding into this tiny place of books, and I sighed, knowing I would have to start working again. "Sorry boys, but I have to get back to work" I huffed, getting up from my comfy spot next to Liam. Granny Jane came up to me and waved her hand in dismissal.

"Oh please, go catch up with your friend! Maddy and I got it from here!" she exclaimed. Then whispered in my ear "he's a keeper," winked, and went back into the crowd.

"Well, the boys and I will go off to give you guys some alone time to catch up. Plus we don't want to be caught with this crowd. Byeee" Louis sang, winking subtly that was probably only meant for Liam, but I saw it too. He picked up the guys and began to shove them out of the door.

"Well, join me for some Starbucks?" Liam said, turning towards me, holding out his arm.

"Gladly" I returned, taking his arm with gratitude.




"Oh my gosh I remember that!" I was cracking up, my tummy aching from laughing so hard. Liam and I were just reminiscing some old memories from the tree house. We already put our numbers in each others phones, just to make sure we don't loose touch AGAIN.

"You were just sitting there with puppy dog eyes, staring at your mom. I don't think she was TOO pleased with the sandpit that we brought into your hot tub..." Liam said, trailing off, talking more about the incident. See, when we were about 6, it was really hot outside in the summer. My dad just put chemicals in the pool so we couldn't go in. We didn't want to wait, so we brought sand inside from my sand box and put it in the hot tub, trying to make a beach. We put the water on, then we were called for lunch. We forgot all about it, and when we went back into the bathroom, it was up to our parent's knees in water. Yeah, my mom wasn't too happy about that.

"Yeah, but she got over it quickly. Those puppy eyes worked pretty well, if I do say so myself" I bragged, rubbing off the "dirt" on my shoulder as if it were nothing.

"Yes, yes they did" Liam nodded in agreement. Things kind of went into a comfortable silence. I took a sip of my cafe mocha.

"So is there a special man in your life?" Liam popped the question. I almost did a spit take, and swallowed carefully, then started laughing at the question.

"Why are you laughing?" Liam asked, cocking his head to the side at me questioningly.

"Me? Boyfriend? LOL no" I said, waving my hand dismissively just like Granny Jane. 

"Why!? You are perfect girlfriend material!" Liam chuckled, but trying to compose himself while saying that. It just wasn't working.

"I dunno, ask all those sexy Hollister models why they don't want this!" I said, motioning to my body. Liam just rolled his eyes. "How 'bout you? There must be a lovely soon to be lady somewhere in your hectic life" I said, kind of not wanting there to be. I mean, he did promise, and he shouldn't break his promises. Yet I feel selfish...

"There is indeed" Liam said, smiling sheepishly, more to himself.

My smile faltered a little, but i still kept it up. The smile on my lips was now fake, no more laughing. There was probably sadness in my eyes, and Liam could read me like a book. Let him figure it out by himself, let me see if he truly cares about me and my feelings still.

"Oh that's nice. What's her name?" I asked. Curious, because I would google her later of course.

"Danielle Peazer. Lovely woman, I know you would love her" Liam said, never letting his smile droop down.

"Yup" I mumbled, playing with the rim of my cup, focusing on anything but Liam right now. It became awkwardly silent now.

"What's wrong B? You know you can tell me anything right?" Liam said, putting his hand over mine on the table. I looked up at him, tears daring to brim my eyes. Around my eyes were probably red now, seeing as that is what my eyes looks like before I start to cry.

"Nothing ,youjustbrokeapromisethatyouweresupposedtokeepforever" I murmured very quickly.

"What?" Liam asked, chuckling at my reaction, although I found nothing funny.

"Nothing. Besides. The. Fact. That. You. Broke. A. Promise. That. You. Were. Supposed. To. Keep. Forever" I said, slowly, still never keeping eye contact with him. Instead, I focused on the tables behind him.


*Liam POV*


"You honestly didn't think I was going to keep that promise, did you? I mean we were only 9..." I trailed off, looking into her eyes that were welling up and starting to pour over, just slightly. "Please stop crying, I hate to see you cry" I whispered.
 Brooke took her hand out from under my hand that was on top of hers.

"Of course I did! It doesn't matter that we were 9, a promise is a promise!" Brooke busted out, getting up from her seat, purse on her shoulder, ready to leave any second.

"It was a childish crush!" I exclaimed, getting up too. Actually, it wasn't a childish crush. Brooke is beautiful, and if Danielle wasn't in my life, I would have been asking Brooke out onto dates already. (Quick A/N: I love Payzer, no hate!!!) Brooke means a lot to me, but I loved Danielle dearly.

"Childish!? So I meant nothing to you then!?" Brooke shouted, starting a scene. She was backing up slowly, ready to go out the door.

"You meant everything to me! You still mean a lot to me, but after we broke contact, I couldn't be hung up over you! I made that promise 9 years ago! Of course I found someone in between!" I shouted back. Brooke was now on the letting the tears follow a trail down her face, one after another, never stopping.

"Well I was hung up on you!!! I never got with anyone because of that promise! You seemed so sweet and gentle and caring, I was head over heels for you! Even if I was only 9! I had guys asking me out, but I said no for you. Guess I should have just thought it was too good to be true" Brooke spatted, running out the door.

I just most likely lost a best friend. She was phenomenal. I LOVED Brooke Anderson, not as much like that, but still. She was my world when I was little, and I said all the wrong things, causing me to lose her. I just might have lost the best thing that has ever happened to me. No Liam, Danielle is the best thing that has ever happened to you, what are you saying!? Wait, has Brooke or Danielle been the best thing that has happened to me? I don't even know anymore...



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