Tree House Memories

Brooke and Liam. Best friends. Inseparable. Always playing up in Brooke's treehouse in her backyard, creating so many memories. They were the closest friends could get, until Liam moved away to London. 10 minutes before Liam moved, they made a promise.

Read the fanfiction to find out the promise, and the roller coaster that is life! ;D


5. Author's Note!

Hey guys! So in case you guys were wondering what the characters looked like, I decided to look some up! So here goes!!!


Granny Jane:


Brooke and Maddy:

Okay so there you have it! Have fun reminiscing in these pictures, now that you have an idea on who looks like what!

If you think you have other ideas and want to show them to me on what they look like, PLEASE SEND MY PICTURES!

You guys know where to contact me, twitter, kik, or here!

Kik: megalini711

Twitter: @niallbate

Thanks so much for reading guys!

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