What it feels to be Loved

Senior in highschool Rosie Lockwood has been thinking about her senior year her whole life with best friend, Summer Bridges. But when Rosie is set up on a blind date with hunky Irish Niall Horan, she experiences something she's never felt. Love. But will this love fade away when she realizes her old feelings in the past or new feelings for others in the future?


4. The Truth About The Boy

I go to school 2 days later. Over the weekend, Niall and I had skyped, text, and called each other. He was so perfect for me. I felt like he was everything I've ever wanted. I hope this feeling lasts. 
I'm going to go meet my boyfriend. You know, the boy from the beach. I was so excited. He was so sweet and caring. I knock on the door at his beach house. No one answers. He had been on vacation with his family. Like his cousins or something. They were from moving from England to Stanwoods. To me, that sounded foolish. Out of all places you could move to, you pick this small town in the middle of no where. He told me he was attending Stanwoods highschool for his senior year, just like me. I was happy to hear that. We had talked about what it'd be like to be a real senior couple. One of those couples that people look at and say "Wow, their still together?" Summer was
Gonna be over in a few weeks and I was leaving the beach today. I decided to surprise him and say good bye to him personal, and ask when he came back, if he wanted to go out. I keep knocking, no answer. I decide just to walk in. I knew he was home because he told me the day before. Their condo was nice. Very beachy. I call his name. I walk into a room and there I see it. Him and another girl. Kissing. Just as he had been doing to me just last night. I stand there for a second. Why was a girl in his condo? Did they just meet? Or worse, was it his cousin. The girl notices me and releases from his lips. He turns around. I look at him with sad
Eyes. He walks to me and tries to explain everything about how that was his cousins best friend and this was the 1st time they'd actually done something. I storm out, pretty much bawling. He was my first boyfriend ever, and now my heart is broken.
I rush out the door, hearing him call my name. I never look back. 
It was hard to explain. Niall was different. This was a for real relationship. Summer was just a thing in my past, as well as the boy. I wake up Monday morning, happy to go to school and see Niall. I try to look extra nice for him. I wore an "I'd rather be in California" sweat shirt, my skinny jeans with stars on them, and my boots with heels. I walk downstairs. Eat my breakfast, and kiss my mother good bye. I get into my car and have my morning-call with Summer. We talk about our cute
Foreign dates. Before i know it, I'm at school. I hop out and see Zayn and Niall waiting at the double doors for Summer and I. I walk up to Niall. I hug him and he kisses me on the cheek. "Free hug." He says. I laugh. Then I see Summer making her way through the crowd to see Zayn. They hug and kiss. "Ello love." He says to her. She giggles. We all walk to our lockers, Niall and I hand and hand and Zayn and Summer hand and hand. "Oh lads, we want y'all to meet the rest of the band." Niall says to us. "Come on up guys." And 3 attractive foreign boys come up. "This is Liam." Niall says. I look to a boy with browns eyes and brown hair. I smile and say hi, just as Summer. "This is Louis." Zayn says to us while pointing to a boy with greenish-blueish eyes. Wow, he's attractive. He had a cute face. One of those faces no matter how hard you try, you can't get out of your head. I smiled at him, sorta blushing. He smiles back. "And last, Harry." Niall says. I look to the last boy. Oh no. It's him. The boy from the beach. 


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