What it feels to be Loved

Senior in highschool Rosie Lockwood has been thinking about her senior year her whole life with best friend, Summer Bridges. But when Rosie is set up on a blind date with hunky Irish Niall Horan, she experiences something she's never felt. Love. But will this love fade away when she realizes her old feelings in the past or new feelings for others in the future?


3. The Date

We sit down at a booth. I sit by Niall on one side, Summer sits by Zayn on the other. "So how'd y'all meet?" I say to Zayn and Niall, trying to start a conversion. "Well, we're sorta in this little band." Zayn said. "What's it called?" Summer asked Zayn. "One Direction," Niall says, "it's Zayn, me, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles." Harry Styles, I think to myself. Why did that name sound so familiar? "We should hear y'all play one day." Summer said. "Yeah, that would be awesome." Niall says
Looking at me. I smile then the waiter comes. We order our drinks. I order Tea, just as Summer does. Niall gets sprite and Zayn gets coke. "How many songs have y'all wrote?" Summer asks Zayn. I could tell they were holding hands under the table. "Uhh a few." Zayn replies. I'm in a haze then I feel something creeping on my hand. I look down and see Nialls fingers, slitting there way through mine. I look at him and smile. He gives me back I cute smirk. We take order and continue talking. We talked that whole night. It was so perfect. Niall was perfect. He told me all about his planned future, how he wants to be a singer and how much he wants to meet Justin Bieber. I laugh at every one of his jokes, even the cheesy, overused ones. After the boys payed the bill, Niall drives me home, and Zayn and Summer go to have another date. We get to my house and we walks me to my door. "I had alot of fun tonight." Niall says as we lock hands. "Thanks me..." Before
I knew it, he's kissing me.
It's summer and I'm at South Padre with my family. I'm walking the board walk, trying to find something to do. Then I see this boy. A curly haired, big green eyed boy. He catches my intention immediately. I stare at him, finding him to be staring at me back. He walks over to me. OMG OMG OMG, I say to myself. He's coming this way. I had never had a boyfriend before. He seems like he's had million of girls all over him. He walks towards me. This was it. It was love at first sight
We are still kissing. Not a full makeout session, but just a friendly "good night" kiss. Our lips part. I was sad it was over. "Good night Niall." I say. "Night Rosie." I close the door and slide down against it, thinking about Niall.

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