What it feels to be Loved

Senior in highschool Rosie Lockwood has been thinking about her senior year her whole life with best friend, Summer Bridges. But when Rosie is set up on a blind date with hunky Irish Niall Horan, she experiences something she's never felt. Love. But will this love fade away when she realizes her old feelings in the past or new feelings for others in the future?


5. Missing Out

I quietly try to dig my head in My shoulder. I didn't want Harry seeing me again. Begging to have me back. I look up and find Harry staring at me. Look at him for a quick second then he looks away. I also catch Louis staring at me until a beautiful brown headed girl comes up and starts violently eating his face. "Woah Woah, settle down Eleanor." He says to her. She giggles then gives him a little peck on the cheek. I notice he rolls his eyes then gives her a fake smirk. "Hey Eleanor." Niall says, trying to act glad she's here. "Hehe hi Niall!" She says in a really flirty way. I didn't like it. It was an awkward moment of silence. "Well come on Zayn, we don't wanna be late for class." Summer says, trying to brake the tension I think. "Yeah, us too." Niall says to me. He grabs my hand and we walk down the hall. I look back and see Harry staring at me. I look back at Niall and stop walking. "Wait?" He asks. I look back at Harry then passionately kiss Niall on the lips. Not trying to back Harry jealous, just show him what he's missing out on and showing him how it feels seeing your crush kissing another person. Harry puts his head down and walks to class. I release my lips from Nialls. "What was that about?" He asks me. "Nothing I'm just really glad your mine." He smiles at me then kisses me on the cheek. 

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