What it feels to be Loved

Senior in highschool Rosie Lockwood has been thinking about her senior year her whole life with best friend, Summer Bridges. But when Rosie is set up on a blind date with hunky Irish Niall Horan, she experiences something she's never felt. Love. But will this love fade away when she realizes her old feelings in the past or new feelings for others in the future?


7. Another Date

Tyler, Summer, and I walk in the restaurant. Liam, Zayn, and Niall are already at the table. We walk over there and greet each other. "Hi I'm Liam, and you must be Tyler?" Liam says to Tyler. "Yeah I'm Tyler." She replies. We sit down. I'm by Niall, Summers by Zayn, and Tyler and Liam are seating together. "Where's Hazza and BooBear?" Zayn asks Liam and Niall. "Lou texted me and said he was gonna be a few minutes late but I don't know about Hazza."
Liam says. We order our drinks. Niall and I are holding hands under the table and laughing. A few minutes later, Louis and Eleanor walk in. Eleanor was wearing a black mini skirt with a tank top. Sorta skanky I thought. Louis sits by me and Eleanor on the other side. "Louis, where's my purse?" She demands. "Oh here dear." He says, handing her her purse she made him carry for her. The waiter comes again to take their order for drinks. "Can I get a coke," Lou says. "Can I get a half sweet/half sour iced tea?" Eleanor says. The waiter nods and walks away. "Oh and hold the lemon!" She yells out. Everyone starts staring at us. "Eleanor!" Louis says to her. She violently kisses him and tells him she's going to the bathroom to straighten up. "Good you need it." I think to myself. I look at Louis with sorta sad eyes. I ask him how he deals with her. He says that since lhim and Eleanor have been dating so long, he's learned to deal with it. I nod this look at Niall. "Do you know what you want love?" Niall says. "Uhh I'm gonna get the Chicken Alfredo. What about you?" "Hm I think the Steak." I keep looking on the menu just to see If I find anything. As soon as the waiter comes, Harry walks in, obviously drunk, with his "date", who was almost as drunk as him. "Are we late?" He asks. "Just a little." Niall says. I recognized this girl. Oh my gosh! It was the girl from the beach! The one Harry cheated on me wish. I didn't know if I was more shocked to see her or that he's stayed with a girl that long. They take a seat by Louis and Eleanor, they were making out infront of everyone. "Lord take a breath." Eleanor said. We all laughed at her joke. "Well come on guys, lets order." Harry says. I could already tell this was gonna be a long night. 

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