What it feels to be Loved

Senior in highschool Rosie Lockwood has been thinking about her senior year her whole life with best friend, Summer Bridges. But when Rosie is set up on a blind date with hunky Irish Niall Horan, she experiences something she's never felt. Love. But will this love fade away when she realizes her old feelings in the past or new feelings for others in the future?


8. Another Date pt2

"So you have to see ID for me to be able to get a beer up in this joint?" Harry asked the waiter. The waiter just nodded then Harry said, "Fine I'll just have a Pepsi. Don't be afraid to add some whiskey." His "date" laughed and snorted. I rolled my eyes. Her laugh was annoying.  "Oh Harry your so funny!" She said. "Thanks Kat." He said. Kat. That must be her name. No suprise, he does love cats, the animal. Harry may seem like the most impolite boy ever, but when you have had a love connection with him, he is the sweetest guy. "Harry, what are you gonna order?" Liam asks him. "Not sure. What are you getting LeeYum?" Harry asks. "Uhhh probably the Chicken with Spinach on the side." The waiter came back and took everyone's order.  After we were done ordering, I got a text on my phone. "Meet me outside -Harry" I look at Harry and he is staring at me, giving me big eyes. I shake my head at him to tell him I say no. "Come on, I just wanna talk" says another text I'm getting from him. "Hey babe,"
I say to Niall, "I need some fresh air, I'm gonna go take a breather outside." "Okay love." He says, then kisses me on the check. "I'm going to the bathroom." Harry says. I patiently walk outside waiting. It took about 2 minutes till I saw Harry. "How'd you get out here?" I ask him. "I snuck out the back door." He says. He tries grabbing my hands, lucky enough I'm too fast for him. "I thought you just wanted to talk." 
"I do, I wanna talk about us."
"I know I screwed up Rosie but I've changed."
"We're both in relationships."
"I can get out of it if you can." 
"I love Niall."
"You loved me first."
"Yes, loved. As in the past."
"Oh come on", he starts walking closer to me. 
"Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for me. That you've completely moved on." He's walking closer. I look into his big green eyes. I couldn't deny my feelings, but I had to make him think I could . " I don't. I don't have feelings for you. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a date to get back too." I walk back into the restaurant. "Hey babe, I'm back." I say to Niall. As I walk in, our food is being served to us. It looked delicious. We ate, then payed to bill and left. Louis and Eleanor were the first to go. Niall, me, Zayn, Summer, Liam, and Tyler were all going to the movies to see Safe Haven. But I had no idea what Harry and Kat were doing. I don't care what Harry does. Not anymore
•Hey guys! Sorry for the cruddy chapter! I've been so busy with school and sports, that is has been taking me a while to finish my chapters! Keep reading/favoriting/commenting<3

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