im not jelouse

well.....this is one of my movellas I decided to write this because my old bestfriend stole my crush and rubed it in my face so I tured it in to one dirction style and its where a girl named Emily and Eleanor fight over Louis butt will Emily fall in love with liam? read to find out YES! jimmy protested


1. first day of school

averys P.O.V




hi im avery just some regular girl like at your school im blond with eyes like the ocean after a storm so like green in the middle and blue on the out side .im in love with one direction my favorite is Louis my best friend and I are going to there concert in a week I got back stage passes  and we get to meet and greet with them I cant wait . I heard an knock on the door I ran down stairs and opened the to niall horan I had to act cool "hi!" "hello" he said "can I come we come in?" "umm we?" "yeah were in a line ""umm.......sure" "so wats up and why are at my house?" "umm our tour bus  broke down and we are supost  to be at a sighing " "yeah I know im kinda a big fan im going to your concert in a week " " oh well do you think we can crash here?" liam asked  liam payne just asked if one direction can sleep at my house "umm... sure that's fine" " well IM BORED" Louis yelled "TRUTH OR DARE" he said at the top of his lungs


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