Take A Trip To Paris - A One Direction Fanfiction

Avery's been through heartbreak and unbearable torture, leaving her emotionally scarred. Her rich older brother, Jason, forces her on a solo trip to Paris for a few weeks. she feels like it's a dream come true. But once she gets on that plane her life changes in an instant. Now she's somehow dragged along with the biggest boy band in the world, travelling to different countries. But Avery falls for one special boy along the way, can she ever love somebody with the past she bares? can she ever trust anyone again? can she love him as much as he loves her?
a story packed full of cute romance, humour, suspense and tragedy. it's a fast paced on-the-edge read that'll keep you wanting more


3. "I can show you Paris, if you'd let me"


if you've gotten this far without exiting my story, thank you, it really means a lot :)

Love, Izzie. xo


I feel like a lump of jelly.

Very poetic, huh?

To be honest, I am actually SO glad that I didn’t stay, and I had a nice feeling in my stomach from that slap. It felt very unusual for me to actually slap someone, I’ve never done that.

My shuttle bus pulls up out the front of my destination, and I freak out a little, surely I wasn’t staying here… this was… this was for like, celebs only.

Bloody hell Jason!, if you weren’t a doctor…

“Bonjour Madam!, Bienvenue dans notre hotel!”

“Merci Monsueur!, je suis heureux d’etre ici!” I say, in my best accent.

I walk through the golden doors to reveal… what I can only describe as a palace. This place was so beautiful, I felt like a maid just stepping foot into here.

I make my way to the front desk, smiling sweetly at the receptionist.

I hand him my ticket, and he widens his eyes.

“Pardon?” I ask

“la suite présidentielle? étage, salle 6, voici votre billet, ont une tenancière belle journée”


the presidential suite? top floor, room 6, here's your ticket, have a nice day madam.

Okay, WHAT?, the presidential suite.. isn’t that like, the most expensive and extravogent one they have?... what the hell has Jason done…

My black flat shoes slap against the marble floors, I look over at a couple of other guests, and notice that they’re all wearing fancy clothes and impossible-to-walk-in higheels.

I felt so out of place that it wasn’t funny.

And the elevator wasn’t any different. The white embroidery wallpaper mixed well with the pastel blue one, it seemed like I was in some Marie Antoinette movie. Which is why I didn’t want to touch anything, knowing me, I’d probably burn down the enire hotel.

Wouldn’t that be entertaining?

The elevator ‘dings’ on my floor and I pace down to room 6.

Why the hell did Jason decide to get me the biggest most luxurious suite?, didn’t he know that all I wanted was just to GET to Paris?, I didn’t need something like-

I opened the door, and oh my god.

I felt like I was about to faint.

There were handpainted pastel blue vases, cream coloured wallpapers, beautiful drapery around all the windows and on the head of the bed. I felt like a princess to say the least.

Everything was marble, and there were lots of little glass trinkets sitting on shelves and tables.

All I had to do now is to NOT touch anything.

I walked in and placed my carryon next to me, the shuttle bus said they’d get someone to bring them up for me, which, is the least they could do considering the price in this damn room.

I pull out my most prized possession: my Polaroid camera.

I promised Jason that it’d document everything, and post the photos to him every week. So the first thing I did was turn the camera to my face, and gave it the best death glare I could, standing in front of the elegant room. i flashed the camera.

He’d most likely laugh at the fact I was staying here, he probably knew this would be my reaction.

He’d love this photo.

The shot printed out below the flash, and I began to shake it repetitively, waiting for the moment to appear.


~~~~Harry’s P.O.V~~~~~


“Stop trying to un-convince me, Liam”

“I’m just saying… it’s going to end badily, she could even throw you off the building”

“I doubt she’d be high enough in the hotel to actually throw me off”

“That’s the thing Harry, you don’t know where she is, and we ARE known around Paris, it wont be long until were swamped”

“you haven’t heard his plan, have you?” Louis butts in, giggiling.

“I don’t think I want to hear it”

“Good, because we aren’t telling you, knowing you, Liam, you’d do everything to stop it”

“I just don’t think she’s worth all this trouble Harry”

I reach over and slap him across the cheek, and he jumps back

“shut up Liam, not like you’d know anything”

“Hey, Danielle said her and Eleanor would meet us in the hotel room!”

a smile spread across Louis face, and you could just see it in his eyes that he was thinking about her.

Liam was pretty much the same too.

God, I wanted that.

I wanted to have that feeling, I want to be the one smiling when I think about my girlfriend.

And the first thing that pops into my head is Averys face.

Her long blonde ringles, and crystal blue eyes… and before I knew it, I was smiling like a retard.

“Were here” Louis says, walking through the golden doors.

I look around the lobby. Oh god, how was I ever going to find her room?

Niall leans into my ear “Luggage cart to the left” he says, and my eyes shoot towards the red suitcases just sitting there... they were hers.

“You’d better hurry up” Louis nudges me, and I bolt for the cart like it was the last water bottle on earth.


~~~~~Avery’s P.O.V~~~~~


I pressed the play button on my laptop, playing ‘Better Together’ by Jack Johnson, and I began to slow dance with myself around the room.

Strange, I know.

But the situation was just so… surreal.

No, I’m not talking about getting a kiss from Harry Styles, I’m glad I don’t have to see Jerky McJerkJerk again, that was a one time thing. I danced over to the mirror, and suddenly realize I was smiling during my whole flashback with the kiss.

I wip that smile right off.

I was talking about being in Paris… being in this amazing hotel room… just being in FRANCE all together, I just can’t believe it.

I pick my Polaroid up once more, and take a photo me me twirling in the mirror, just for pure moment-ness.

That’s why I love taking photos, I love to look back on them and remember the ‘moment’ I had then, just like my glare at the photo from before, it made me smile, because, not even fifteen minutes ago, I took that.

‘Oh it is love’ by Hellogoodbye started to play, and I started to enjoy the ukele tune that echoed around the room.

‘DING DING’ the doorbell rang, and I twisted and twirled all the way over to it (and it did take forever, the size of this suite is MASSIVE), but once I got there, I unlocked it slowly, and got my best ‘tourist smile’ out.

But the smile dropped once I realized it was Harry.

“LUGGAGE DROP OFF!” he yelled loudly, and I practically reached forward and slammed my hand against his mouth to get him to shut the hell up.

I pull back and grab his curls, clenching my fingers around them, and dragging him inside.

“how the HELL did you get the presidential suite?” he asks, looking around, and not to mention, almost knocking a vase over.

“CAN’T I JUST ENJOY PARIS ON MY OWN?!” I yell, throwing my hands up

“I can show you Paris, if you’d let me”

“I don’t want to go anywhere with you!, I don’t even want to be within a sixty meter eye distance”

“don’t be cruel”

“don’t be a jerk”

“don’t be adorable”

“get out.”

“no, I tried hard to find you, I’m not just leaving”

“WHY me?, WHY can’t you go and follow some French girl around? WHY ME?”

“I don’t know!, okay, I DON’T KNOW, just… just give me the time to figure it out”

“NO, Harry, after your stupid stunt and kiss at the airport, I just want to hurt you”

“I’m sorry!, okay? I’m so sorry for scaring you, but you know what?, I LOVED it, I LOVED getting your attention… but I don’t understand WHY I loved it, but I just loved you talking to me”



“I’ll call security”

“You wouldn’t….”

I move over to the telephone hanging on the wall, and pick up the receiver.

“I’ll give you three seconds to get out of my room, or I WILL do it”

“just… just come over to our place yeah?, Floor 2 suite 9… can you do that?”

I shake my head. I wasn’t going anywhere with him.

“no. now get out”

Harry looked like someone had just shot him in the knee, I kinda felt guilty. But after that stupid stunt, and him being too cocky…

“you know Paris is the city of love, right?” he asks me, and I nod, of course I knew that.

“it’s like, everyone around here is on their honeymoon for gods sake, I notice!” I say, and roll my eyes at the same time.

“well… there is this performance, down near the Effel tower later tonight… and I need someone to go with, would you mind-“

“I’ll think about it, Harry, okay? But the more you bother and pressure me, the less of a chance you’ll get”

“okay okay, I get it… I’m going to go now”

I bite my lower lip, and walk him out the door

“oh, and Avery-“ he stops


“I’m sorry for kissing you earlier, I shouldn’t have done that, I should of asked”

“even if you did ask, I wouldn’t have kissed you”

he smiles

“can I ask you no-“

I slam the door in his face, standing up against it dramatically.

What the HELL was wrong with him? Why doesn’t he understand that fact that I DON’T want to spend my time in Paris with HIM. Stupid, stupid…

I’m so stupid.

I open up the door quickly, and run down the hall, to see Harry getting in the elevator, his expression… hurt.

“Harry-“ I start, and jump in front of the closing doors, causing them to re-open.

“what?...” he asks, upset

“…I...i’ll go with you tonight”

a beautiful smile appears across his face, and his dimples show.

“It’s fancy dress, so I expect something beautiful”

I roll my eyes.

“I don’t think so, you get what you’re given”

“come by my room at 9, me and the boys will take you, I’M SO EXCITED!” he jumps in the elevator, causing it to rock.

“Bye, Harry” I say sarcastically, and move from the doors, and they shut in front of me.

I just get a glimpse of Harry’s facial expression, and it’s probably something that I’ll never, ever forget.

He looked like someone had just given him a $1000 voucher to Jack Wills.


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