Hockey Werewolves?

It all started when a lame kid at school liked Emily.The kids name was Jake, he got made fun of because of his looks and he was not smart.Jake stared to go to school with Emily in the 4th grade and has liked her the whole time.Emily and Jake were best friends until Jake moved because of all the bullying.He finally came back in the 10th grade when he becomes the most popular kid in high school.When the most popular girl asks him and he says no.You might wonder why,well she is the one who made his life the hardest and falls in love with Emily again and Emily might just love Jake to.


1. The beggining

Hi my name is Emily Jackson.I am a normal teenage girl living with my because my dad left us.But it does not matter to me because he never was really nice. But thought my was all normal until Jake came back.I was so happy for him to come back but something was so different about him.

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