ready or not

bianca tried to run fromthis but its just to much for her to bare will being in this mental hospital help her?


3. years later

i stopped being cory's friend thinking of fhim as a baad influence considering i was going to commit suicide over him. i knew there were other ways but that was my didnt work so i was just depressed until about 8 grade.. we both went seperate ways to seperate middle schools. but once i was at lunch. alone as usal when i saw something in the back of the lunch benches, he had the spiky dark black hair, the sparkiling green eyes, and most of all his simle...his smile is one you could tell was hisno matter how much he changed. his signature side smile. something i didint want to see not here not now." NO NOI NO!" I screamed i was sure everybody was staring at me now. i jumped up from the table my blue converse hitting the dark asphalt. i gathered all my hair into a ponytail, i was going to run for it, og home and tell my parents everything. "noooooooooo!" i screamed i grabbed my back pack and never lookming back. my feet pattered against the tile of the schools hallway.i turnerdd every corner i saw. i heard heavy breathing behind me...i turned to see that smile i dreaded since that one freeplay day. "Stop cory stop it! please dont hurt me! no no no no no no!" i pleaded. he never stopped chasing me. i stopped maybe thinking that if i stopped he would let me go. he ahd i knife i realised after i had stopped, after he had stabbed me in the stomach. "HELP, HELP ME! IM HURT AHHHHH!" I acreamed as i heard him run away, all the evidence in his hands. i sobbed horribly waiting for someone to help me. then my favorite teacherm, Mr. orchard, walked up. He picked me up and i saw blood evrywhere , i never stopped sobbing i sobbed into his chest for awhile and thought , about why he would do this. then i remeber getting into the paramedics. i woke up in a hospital bed beeping, and the pattering of shoes against tile. it reminded me of myself, running form death. i shivered at the memory.the doctor came in. well Miss Bianca youre very lucky your teacher found you.your parents are hear, theyd like to speak to you.they walked in. " What happpened Bianca?! Mr. orchard called us and told us he found you sobbing bleeding in the hallway!" my mom said. i lied " Mom i only tripped and scraped my stomach on a rock i tried to run for help but fell again in the ahllway. i couldnt gert up so i screamed fopr some. mom dad, its fine." sadly enough they believed me....

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