ready or not

bianca tried to run fromthis but its just to much for her to bare will being in this mental hospital help her?


7. not a hallucination

I woke up.The sun was barely inching up, i was guessing it was about 6:00 so i sat and thought for a while. i began wondering why Cory hated me so much. i decided it was his issue. He belonged in here not me.i stared out the window for a long time watching the sun inch up. Well at least now he cant get to me. i thought. then i saw a glare in the window. i came out of my trance. i looked. No this is not happening. i know it isnt that isnt cory. it cant be. then i saw his spikes sticking up from the window."AHHHHHH!" I screamed. i wanted someone to help me for this to be a dream. for him to be fake. he was pounding on the  window. he was trying to break in. "Rosie help me!" i beckoned for her. i heard her coming. but, at the same time i heard Cory continously banging on the window. finnally she came."Look look he is here he is trying to come in here!" we both looked up at the window. He was gone. this can not be happpening. i was sobbing now. Rosie told me it was just a hallucination and that nobody was goign to get me here. she again told me what time breakfast was and calmly walked out of the rooom. i tried to go to sleep but i couldnt. it was one of those nights.

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