ready or not

bianca tried to run fromthis but its just to much for her to bare will being in this mental hospital help her?


4. going to the hospital

"Mom, Dad do you remeber my friend cory?" i asked. I was going to tell them i told myself, today was the day. "Who? i dont remebr you talking about a cory. maybe you meant Riley or Cameron or maybe even ricky! but nope cory doesnt come to mind, ring a bell!" my dad said. i told them everything. i cried and evrything the whol nine. they soothed me once i started hypervenilating. they gave me a paper bag nad put me to sleep. i wke up with my hair in my face i decided to close my eyes and listen. " are you sure this will be the best choice?" i heard my mom ask.  i instantly woke up. i sat up. what was she taking about... i looked out the window. it was the mental hospital of long beach. i felt tears burning in my  eyes i knew this place i used to volunteer here. but thats not why i was sad i was sad because this meant that mom and dad thought i was crazy that they had to send me HERE so i can be better


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