ready or not

bianca tried to run fromthis but its just to much for her to bare will being in this mental hospital help her?


6. dinner time

 The lady that walked me to my room (whose name is rosie) opened the door to my room and told me it was dinner-time. i nodded and walked out the room. i followed her to the tables. It loooked like a camp but, i wasnt going to see my parents any time soon. These people in straight jackets were supposed to be here. Not me. Cory was real, i knew i didnt imagine his smil stabbing me right before his knife did. i got my food. i guess it was taco day, because thats what they were serving. i plopped into a seat. Next to a mad man he was rocking back and forth whispering to himself. i tried to strike up conversation."Hello. What's your name?" i asked. he just turned his head as slow as it would go to look at me. and started cackling, like i told some joke of the century. Only it was creppy consideriing he had barely any hair, eyes bulging out of his head, with a newly unlocked straight jacket on. These are the people that need to be here i thought. i finished my taco and ran away. i threw my trash away and found rosie. i guess every patient had their "care-taker" and Rosie was mine.i followed her to the room and walked back in. she shut the door on me after telling me breakfast was at 8:00 tomorrow.i sobbed myself top sleep wishing, hoping, and praying that this was all just a nightmare.

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