ready or not

bianca tried to run fromthis but its just to much for her to bare will being in this mental hospital help her?


5. checking in

"Mom, why are you sending me here?" i asked her in between sobs." Sweetheart, its for the best i promise. theyre going to make you better here. so just follow the nice lady in the white dress and go to your room." she said happily. " When will i see you again!" i dmeanded more than asked. my mom just looked at me i could tell that i wasnt going to see her any time soon. she walked away with dad without saying bye or hugging me or kissing me or telling her she loved me. "MOM!! MOM , DAD!" I tried chasing them but the man, the evil security gaurd he grabbed my waist and didnt let me go. tears spilled over my face. i thought a lot on my way to my new 'home' the lady put me into the room. " your dinner will be in a few hours..." she was checking my papers for my name "Bianca Hartland!" she smiled at me, like it was supposed to be a vacation here. what did she think i was crazy? oh wait thats why im in here. i turned around and waited until she left. when the dooor slammed the tears spilled over. i looked at the yellow  spongeed walls. there was a large fan on the ceiling with a couple windows that were too tall for me to reach. i walked around. there was a bed i sat on it , it was pretty soft but not like the tempurpedic one at home. i put my head in my hands and sobbed, sobbed until it was dinner time.

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