Knowing Him

Sydney and Louis were as happy as ever. The boys just wrapped up their tour and were heading back to Georgia. Suddenly, Louis and Sydney hit a few bumps in the road. Will they be able to survive it? People come back from Sydney's history... And what happens when Liz gets back into the picture?


5. Summer '09

‘Harry Styles and Sydney Tanner hook up!’ ‘Louis’ heartbreaking discovery’  ‘Louis and Sydney are OVER? Harry Styles and Sydney Tanner been seen MAKING OUT!’ are just a few of the headlines. Harry EXPLODED at a press conference because someone asked why he backstabbed his friend. The paparazzi have been everywhere. Everything has tensed up since the whole ‘Sarry (or whatever Perez Hilton made up) Scandal’. Louis knew that I wasn’t lying about the scandal. Harry and I explained every little detail about what happened. Liz was behind it all, we knew it. Louis and I can barely go out anymore, my parents are beyond disappointed in me, and to top all that, Liz is trying to make my life a living hell. Why can’t things be easy like they used to be? I’m tired of camping out in my apartment. I’m tired of the stupid paparazzi. I just wanted to get away. Kristen invited me and Lou over to her and Ed’s house. I quick threw some stuff in my over-night bag, put on my skinny jeans, and quick grabbed on of Louis shirts. I put my hair up in a messy bun, and grabbed my sunglasses. I looked in the mirror and decide that I was ready.

“Lou, are you ready?” I yelled from my room. He was out in the kitchen, making tea.

“Yeah, just a sec.” Louis said while trying to figure out how to use our new KEURIG. I grabbed both of our over-night bags (surprisingly, Louis’ was heavier), and put Boo on her leash. Louis quick grabbed his tea, and then took the bags. We headed out the door, and went down into the lobby. All the sudden, flashing lights were everywhere. I tuned out the reporters, and stumbled through the lobby, pretending that they weren’t there. We put or things in my black SUV, and put Boo in the back. Louis started the car and adjusted his glasses.

“ARE YOU READY?!” Louis yelled.

“Yeah.” I said weakly.

“I SAID ARE YOU READY!?!?” Louis yelled louder.

“YES! I’M READY!” I yelled in his ear. He smirked. On the way there, we chatted about random things. Boo barked every so often, making sure that she wasn’t forgotten. At about 1 A.M. we arrived at their house. Boo jumped out of the car, and peed on Kristen’s flowers. I’m sure that she appreciated that. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later, Kristen greeted me.

“Hey Sydney!” She said excitedly and hugged me.

“THA SASS MASTER IS IN THE HOUSE!” Louis yelled and Ed came walking out to greet us. We talked for a minute and chatted.

“Soooooo, did Louis tell you?” Kristen asked mysteriously. I looked at Louis.

“Tell me what?” I asked puzzled.

“Nope. I wanted you to.” Louis said with a wink.

“Ok, so we know that the paparazzi have been stressing you out lately, so were taking you to Mexico!” Kristen yelled excitedly.

“OHMIGOSH NO FREAKIN WAY!” I screamed. Kristen and I jumped up and down. “For how long?”

“4 days.” Kristen replied excitedly. I screamed and hugged Louis.


“What about Boo?” I asked.

“Niall is coming over in about an hour to pick her up. Is it OK if she stays here for a little bit alone?” Ed asked. I nodded my head and ran to my SUV. Kristen and I got the back seats and the boys got the front.

“LETS GO TO MEXICO!” Kristen and I yelled at the same time. We all laughed, and left to the airport. Once we arrived, there were paparazzi swarming the place, as usual. We boarded the plane and there was people whispering who knows what. I took a deep breath and tried not to explode. Louis squeezed my hand and I smiled at him. Before I knew it, we landed. Kristen booked us a vacation house to stay at, and of course, she forgot the address. Once we (finally) found the house, I changed in to my lime-green bikini and headed outside. Kristen came out shortly after. I just lay there, and soaked up the sun.

“Ahhh, this is amazing.” I sighed.

“I know right, I’m amazing.” Kristen said jokingly while sipping on her berry smoothie.    

“So, you planned this all yourself?” I asked her.

“Well, it was Louis idea, because he saw how stressed you were. I just bought the plane tickets, and got this amazing rental house.” Kristen said with a laugh.

“I must say, you did a pretty amazing job.” I said in awe.

“Doesn’t this remind you of spring break ’09?” Kristen asked and lightly bumped into me.

“Ugh, I try to forget about it.” I said and rubbed my temples, just for the effect.

“That was the good ol times, just you me, and Brett…” Kristen said dreamily.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I went out with him, he was such a jerk!” I said remembering all the crazy dates we used to have.

“Well, according to Facebook, he is now a proud dad and he married Annabelle.” Kristen said happily. I hated Annabelle; he cheated on me using her.

“Well, I am happier now! I have an amazing fiancé and an amazing dog.” I said proudly and then started laughing.

“Brett will be crawling back to you, now that your basically famous.” She said with a wink.

“I would reject him, like I did back in summer ’09.” I said with a laugh.

“DO YOU REMBER SUMMER ’09!” Louis sang while coming out of the house. “For you, my lady.” Louis said with a wink and handed me a smoothie.


“Soo, what did I hear about summer ’09?” Louis asked then sat in the sun chair next to mine.

“We were just talking about Sydney’s ex.” Kristen said with a smirk on her face.

“Ok, we never really dated, it was a onetime thing!” I said defending myself.

“Whatever…” Kristen said dramatically. I laughed and sipped on my smoothie. Little did I know, that paradise wouldn’t last much longer.



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