Knowing Him

Sydney and Louis were as happy as ever. The boys just wrapped up their tour and were heading back to Georgia. Suddenly, Louis and Sydney hit a few bumps in the road. Will they be able to survive it? People come back from Sydney's history... And what happens when Liz gets back into the picture?


9. Planning


"Louis." I said sternly. He looked at his fingers then looked up at me. I tensed. My shoulders were stiff.

"Umm, you were kind a..."

"A what?" I asked, tapping my foot.

"A rebound." He said. "I just broke up with my girlfriend when I met you. We never confirmed it to the public. I was so heart broken, and when I met you I thought that meeting someone would get my mind off of her and the break up. I really fell in love with you when I got to know you. I love you so so much Sydney, I could never imagine my life without you. Everything happens for a reason, and that breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have never met you, never have fell in love with you, I wouldn't be engaged to you. Ed would have never met Kristen, Kristen would have never found Leah." Louis said, my hand was in his.

 "You're changing the subject! I was a rebound!? Louis, as soon as I laid eyes my eyes on you I was in love. It kind of hurts to know that probably the first few dates of ours was for you to get your mind off of a girl!!" I said angrily.

"Sydney, when I fist called you and talked to you I was in love. I love you, and I can't wait for us to get married, I can't wait to start a family, grow old together." Louis smiled. Okay, who could not fall in love with his blueish-green eyes? I smiled and grabbed his hand.

"I love you Lou. I cant wait to get married, have a couple of kids, and sit on the fount porch when we're all cute and old watching our grandkids running around." I chuckled. I leaned in and kissed him. Sparks flew, and I knew in that moment, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this guy.



"Kids?" I said. I turned around and looked at Louis. I smiled and finished kneading the pizza dough (I found this amazing pizza recipe the other day). "I mean, I would like a couple of kids, but this soon?"

"I mean, why not. We're practically married." Louis said and walked up behind me. His hands were around my waist and his hot breath gave me goosebumps. I smiled and rolled out the dough.

"We've only been engaged for 5 months, may I remind you." I teased. "You guys have your tour next year though, if I end up getting pregnant now, the baby will be born right before the tour or while on the tour." I said slowly. I always wanted a baby, someone to look after.

"True." Louis said bluntly, and grabbed the pizza sauce for me. "But if Lou did it, I bet we could." He said with a smirk while leaning on the counter. "You'd be an amazing mom, you know that?"

"I know, I just think that we should be married first." I said as I spread out the pizza sauce. "I want to go on a nice honeymoon and not have to worry about not being able to do certain things or worry about a baby. We're only 21, we have our whole life ahead of us." Louis looked a tad disappointed. "I guess if it happens, it happens." I said as I washed my hands. I took of my apron and ran up to Louis then kissed him.

"We should at least plan this out." Louis said, between kisses.

"Okay." I said out of breath, "what do you mean by 'plan this out'?" I asked, as I plopped down on the couch.

"Like, when we should have kids." Louis said slowly.

"Whenever we're ready." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Are you ready, cause I am." Louis said, with a hint of sass in his voice. "I really want to be a Dad, I want a daughter or a son to teach the ways of life to, I want to take my kids out to ice cream and the park."

"I guess I'm ready too." I said slowly. "I mean, it takes a while, right? It's not gonna happen immediately, because if it does then we'll be screwed because I already explained how I don't want a baby on tour or during our wedding or-"

"It takes a while." Louis reassured me. I let out a deep breath and threw my head back.

"Well. I guess." I sighed. Louis' face lit up. "But!" I said, putting my pointer finger in the air. "We have some wedding planning to do first."









It has been 6 months since I last updated. 6 months. I am a horrible person.


BUT ANYWAY I love this chapter, I was like, in la la land when I wrote it idk why. I seriously have came out with 8 books since I last updated. Crazzy!!


ANYWAY I love you all and I will be updating this more often!!


Claire :D Xoxo

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