Knowing Him

Sydney and Louis were as happy as ever. The boys just wrapped up their tour and were heading back to Georgia. Suddenly, Louis and Sydney hit a few bumps in the road. Will they be able to survive it? People come back from Sydney's history... And what happens when Liz gets back into the picture?


1. No?

“No. JUST KIDDING OF COURSE!” I screamed. Louis smiled a huge smile and the crowd went crazy. Except for the few of those who insisted that they were going to marry Louis. We kissed passionately and they boys finished singing the song.

We hugged and Louis sang in my ear “You’ve got that one thing.” I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you all for coming! We love you all and are so greatful!” Niall said happily through the microphone.

“Yeah! Thank you all.” All the boys said together. I smiled and waved and we walked off stage. Louis’ arm was around my waist. The last 7 months have been a wild ride. I remembered the day we met just like it was yesterday. How we instantly fell in love. I smiled as I remembered us adopting Boo, our small furry puppy, the crazy pillow fight we had at my apartment, Kristen meeting Ed, finding Leah. So many things have happened, and I hope that so many more great things will happen in the next 7 months.  


“So, when should the wedding be?” I ask Louis while playing with the ring that Louis gave me. It was so pretty. The band was silver, and there was a huge diamond in the middle. On each side of the diamond were four little rubies. It was stunning. I sat comfortably in his bed at the hotel. I we held on each other’s hands and talked.

“You are already thinking about that? We just got engaged, you have to live in the moment.” Louis said with a wink. I shrugged my shoulders.

“Your right, I just have to live in the moment. I need to stop worrying about the future.” I smiled a cheeky smile. “Who else knew?”

“Who else knew what?”

“Who else knew about this?” I asked holding up my hand that had the ring on it.

“Well, the boys, your parents, Kristen’s parents, Maaike, Caetlin, Kristen, Leah, and Boo.” He said while counting his fingers.

“Why did you tell Boo? You know she can’t keep her mouth shut.” I asked with a wink. We both laughed because Boo was a very quiet puppy. I have only heard her bark 5 times, max. She was a very happy dog. She loved all the attention that people gave us when we walk down the street. She must think that she’s the coolest dog ever. She also loves stealing Niall’s food which of course, mad Niall pretty angry. But he always forgives her because he loves his niece. I was just ready to be done touring. I just wanted to go home to my apartment, get some hot coco from Starbucks and sit on the couch with Boo while talking to Louis about stupid things like why Bella chose Edward or why purple is called purple. Those were the good ol days. I love touring, don’t get me wrong, but I was just ready. There was a knock on the door.

“Umm, are you busy?” Kristen, my best friend asked. Louis looked at me and then started to make loud kissing noises.

“Come on in Kristen.” I said giggling. Kristen cautiously opened the door.

“Oh. I thought you guys were-“

“Noooooo, no way, no.” I said cutting her off. “Louis just wanted to tease you.” I said while lightly punching him in the arm.

“Ok, so Ed and I are looking at apartments. Is it ok if I move out?” She asked. Kristen and I shared an apartment back in Atlanta, Georgia.

“That’s ok! Then Louis can move in.” I said.

“Woah woah woah. Where am I moving?” Louis asked.

“Into my apartment.” I said looking at Louis.

“Ok.” He said shrugging his shoulders. I smiled.

“So, have you and Ed found one yet?” I asked. Kristen was dating the boy’s friend, Ed Sheeran. He was going to replace Louis’ ex, Liz, after she got fired for hitting me and kicking me while the boys were doing a Twitcam. Everything that she did was caught on camera, so she got fired. The boys were so greatful that Ed stepped in and said that he could be there opening act for their last show.

“Yeah, we found this really nice one right in downtown, but were also looking at a house is a town called Covington, about an hour or two outside of Atlanta.” Kristen replied.

“That’s cool.” I said with a smile.

“Well, I’ll let you guys get back to whatever you were doing.” Kristen said with a smile and carefully closed the door.

“Now, what were we doing?” Louis asked leaning in for a kiss. I put my finger on his lips.

“We were talking about packing, I believe?” I said with a wink. He sighed and hopped up and grabbed a suitcase. We were leaving back to Atlanta tomorrow. I got up and helped Louis pack. I folded up his clean clothes and placed them neatly in a pile and took his dirty ones and put them in a plastic bag. He threw out a pair of jeans and a grey shirt then looked around the room and found his Jack Wills hoodie and threw it on top of his other clothes. He grabbed all his books and such and threw them in a duffle bag. Before I knew it, everything was packed. My phone buzzed and I picked it up from the nightstand. It said that I was mentioned in a tweet. I unlocked my iPhone and looked at the tweet. Louis took a picture of me packing his stuff. I had no makeup or a bra on, and I was in my PJ’s. I looked absolutely hideous, I thought. The tweet said-

Louis_Tomlinson: @Sydney_Tanner thanks for packing for meeee! I was so busy, umm, watching you! Love you babe! Xx


I smiled. I sat down my phone and zipped up his suitcase, then sat it down on the floor, which made a thumping sound.

“There! Done!” I said triumphantly.

“Now that you’re done, can I get that kiss now?” He asked. I fake sighed and kissed him.

“Now, I have to finish packing my stuff.” I said and went into the room that Kristen and I shared. Maakie and Caetlin were going to sleep in Liam and Zayn’s room. I carefully picked out the outfit that I was going to wear tomorrow. I decided on a light blue blouse with a black cardigan and skinny jeans. I nodded my head, satisfied with my choice. I packed up my makeup and the few other things that I didn’t pack earlier and put them away. When I was finally done, I zipped up my suitcase and set them on the bed. I went back to Louis room, and he was sleeping. I went over to him and was about to kiss him on the forehead, when suddenly, he screamed. I jumped and screamed myself.

“OHMIGOSH YOU JERK!” I yelled and hit him lightly on the arm. We both laughed and I kissed him. “Goodnight.” I said while walking out of the room.

“Wait! Sydney!” Louis yelled. I turned around.

“Yeah?” I asked puzzled.

“Will you lay with me? I’m scared.” He asked with a wink. I did a fake sigh and came and lie down next to him. I felt so warm and protected. I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.




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