Knowing Him

Sydney and Louis were as happy as ever. The boys just wrapped up their tour and were heading back to Georgia. Suddenly, Louis and Sydney hit a few bumps in the road. Will they be able to survive it? People come back from Sydney's history... And what happens when Liz gets back into the picture?


6. Dress Shopping

I woke up bright and early in the morning. I was never up this early. I sighed and decided to make a smoothie. I threw some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and pineapple. I scooped some vanilla yogurt and started blending. I poured it into a cup. I walked outside, sat down, and watched the waves. I loved this vacation. It got my mind off Liz. I kept sipping on my smoothie and watching the ocean. What felt like two minutes later, Louis came outside.

“What are you doing out here so early?” he asked me while sitting down.

“Just watching the waves.” I said tiredly. “Would you like a drink?” I asked handing him my smoothie. He nodded his head and took a quick sip.

“Thanks.” Louis said then sighed, “Are you sure the picture is fake?” Louis asked me. I looked at him and put my hands on his shoulder.

“Louis, Harry and I never did anything. I promise. I would never do that to you. One of my ex-boyfriends,” I said referring to Brett, “cheated on me. I never want anyone to go through the pain I went through. I would never do that to you or Olivia. You don’t have to believe me, but I know what really happened and that’s all that matters.”

“Ok, I believe you. I always have, it’s just, I don’t know. Harry has stolen my girlfriends in the past…” Louis said sighing. I hugged him tight.

“Harrys a good guy, he knows how much you love me. He would never do that to you.” I said while rubbing his back. He smiled weakly at me. “That’s why we came here anyway, to get away from everything, right?” He nodded his head. “Now come on! Let’s wake those sleepy heads up and have some fun!” I said while grabbing his hand. We ran inside and sneaked into Kristen and Ed’s room. They looked so peaceful. I looked at Louis and we quietly counted to three. When he got to three, we jumped on their bed, and started screaming;

“GEEEET UPPPPP!!!! GET ON UPPPPP!!!” Kristen hit Louis with a pillow, which made him fall down. I laughed and remembered the huge pillow fight that we had in my apartment. I helped Louis up. Kristen was not a morning person, that’s for sure. She crankily got up and made some coffee.

“Well, that went well.” Louis said while rubbing his arm. I laughed and went into the kitchen.

“It was Louis’ idea.” I said innocently.

“Ugh, I swear to god, I will get him.” Kristen said angrily while sipping on her coffee.

“I can help you with that…” I said while getting myself a cup of coffee. Kristen laughed and went on her phone. Her eyes bulged. “What is it?” I asked taking a sip of coffee. Ugh, it was strong; I quick dumped it out and got a glass of water.

“Good news or bad news first?” Kristin asked nervously.

“Good.” I said worriedly.

“Well, congratulations! According to ‘STAR’ you’re pregnant!” Kristen said with a wink. “Erm, now for the bad news. Well, you’re on the cover of almost every magazine, this time, get this, you’re kissing Niall!” Kristen said laughing nervously.

“WHAT THE HECK!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I grabbed Kristen’s phone, and there was me, kissing Niall. I literally about broke down in tears. “WHY IS LIZ TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE?!?” I screamed, with tears coming down my face.

“What’s going on?” Louis asked running into the kitchen. He saw that I was crying, and ran up and hugged me.

“Louis, I swear to god I didn’t! Its photo shopped I swear!” I said crying into his shirt. Kristen quietly handed Louis her phone, and Louis’ jaw dropped. “I swear! I never kissed Niall! I swear! Liz is trying to ruin my life!” I said between sobs.

“I know, I know. It’s OK, I’m not mad. It’s not your fault.” Louis said comforting me. “We are going to hire a detective, make sure its Liz giving away the photos, and she will go to jail.” Hopefully I thought. I started to calm down, and I washed my face in the bathroom. This will all be over soon I thought.

“Hey.” Kristen said to me. “So, I thought, how bout we go wedding dress shopping!” She said excitedly. I started smiling.

“Are you serious? You hate shopping?” I said puzzled.

“Well, I want to cheer you up! Now grab your purse and lets go!” Kristen said excitedly. I smiled and grabbed my purse, and put on my black peep toe heels.

“Lou, I’m going shopping with Kristen.” I said to Louis and pecked him on the forehead. We got into the rental car, and took off. Once we arrived at a dress place, I jumped out excitedly, and went inside. There were dresses everywhere! I was literally in heaven. I tried on a few dresses; they didn’t really look flattering on me. Then, I found the perfect dress. It was a white strapless, with a train. It has gold beads sown on the bottom, and a draped skirt. It was perfect. I walked out of the dressing room, and felt like a princess. Kristen and the sales lady gasped.

“What do you think?” I asked, twirling around.

“Ohmigosh, its amazing!” Kristen said in awe.

“It fits perfectly on your figure; you look just flat out amazing in it. This is my favorite.” Charlotte, the sales lady, said.  “I have the perfect veil, be right back.” She said, and scurried over to the veil section. I sat down on a chair and looked at my finger nails.

“Sooo, do you have a date for the wedding?” Kristen asked.

“No, I want it to be soon though. I want a small wedding, ya know. Like, just our families and maybe some cake? I truly don’t know.” I replied truthfully. The lady rushed back, with a light gold tiara, with a few diamonds in it, and a long veil. She gently set it on my head and that instant; I knew that this was it.

“Ok! This is the one! I’ll take it!” I said excitedly. The lady smiled, and I walked back to the dressing room and changed into my normal clothes. I bought the dress, and as soon as I stepped outside, there were paparazzi everywhere. I ignored them and got into the car. When we got back, the boys were packing everything.

“What are you guys doing!?” Kristen asked bossily.

“Harry got in a car accident, he’s in critical condition. We have to go. Now.” Louis said firmly. I all the sudden got really scared, and Kristen turned on the news. The accident was on. Harry got hit by a drunk driver, and a car smashed into him and flew on top of his car. They said that the other people were ok, but that it would be a miracle if Harry lived.


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