Final Flight (9/11 from a different perspective)

An attempt at capturing the 9/11 incident from the perspective of one of the terrorists.


1. A Divine Mission

Nineteen men sent to death in the sky,

I am but one one of the few picked to fly.

In my hands are the lives of many a man

Who'll all need to die for success of the plan.


The pilots are now at the mercy of God,

Dead, taken out by our young flying squad.

I can't help but feel that something's not right.

Why, Lord, condemn all of these on this flight?

Why must we do such a difficult deed?

Why, these innocent souls do you need?


Forgive me, my God, for I sound like I doubt

Your wisdom and knowledge which I am without.

So I will obey you. Though I do not know why,

Today, 'tis for you, that I'm choosing to die.


I look out the window, the towers approach.

Upon the lives of the many, our vessels encroach.

Once again, I am violently taken by pity,

Why would our Lord want to mar such a city?


Closer and Closer, our deaths, they are near.

Suddenly, my heart, it is gripped by true fear.

My terror resembling the one we commit.

An act of this nature, surely none will remit.


If they won't forgive such a horrible act,

Why Lord, such justice must you exact?

I suppose I can ask you directly in time,

It seems that I've written my very last rhyme.






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