Crazy in love... litteraly

What happens when your bestfriend goes away to be on show that can make him famous? what happens when he comes back? you fall for him and and try to ask hi, out . but his girlfriend interupts. will you be ok? or will you go crazy?


1. Phone call

Arriana's POV.

 My body filled with excitement as Zayn's number popped onto my phone. I quickly ran off my bed and ran across the room. Occasionally tripping over things. I finally got to my phone and tried catching my breath as I answered the phone.

"HI!" I almost said yelling. I am pretty sure it hurt his ears.

"Woah! calm down. You hurt my ears!" zayn said. I know him so well.

"Sorry i am just so excited to hear your voice! I know you guys didn't win, but at least you got 3rd place! I am so proud of you!" Zayn had auditioned for the x-factor alone, but during bootcamp he and 4 other dudes were put into a group together. The "dudes" names are Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan. They are very good looking but i have never met them before.

"Well thanks and by the way i'm coming home! I am also bringing the boys so you guys can meet."

"Oh my god! I cannot believe your coming! have you changed?"

"I changed my appearance a bit."

"Nice well I cannot wait to see you! I have to go get ready for school. LOVE YOU BYE!"

"Love ya too! have an awesome day at school! BYE!" I hung up the phone as soon as he finished his sentence.

 I ran to the washroom and shut the door behind me. I took off my pajamas and jumped into the shower. The hot water felt nice on my back. I sang "torn" as i rinsed my hair. Torn by the way was the first song one direction sang together. I love that song. When i finised i shut the water off and wrapped the towel around my body. I walked to my closet and chose a plain white tank top and some denim shorts. I also added a black hoodie that came to my waist and i rolled up the sleeves. To top it off i wore some navy blue converse. It was going to be a lazy day. I walked to the washroom and dried my hair i left it down so my curls would flow naturally. I grabbed my gray backpack that looked like it had white laces and grabbed my keys. I headed to school.


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