Crazy in love... litteraly

What happens when your bestfriend goes away to be on show that can make him famous? what happens when he comes back? you fall for him and and try to ask hi, out . but his girlfriend interupts. will you be ok? or will you go crazy?


2. At school, Hes Back?

Arriana's POV.

I arrived at school and of course there they were. The popular jerks and the stupid jocks. Amber was like the leader or master of the jerks and was always being backed up by Jessica and Miranda. Amber was dating the captain of the football team. I know right so cleche. Ever since Zayn left they have been so mean and bullieish. I walked past them so i can could get inside the school. As I passed they stared and whispered. It wasn't very good whispering and i could hear what they were saying. I got mad so I stopped in my tracks and faced their faces. I lifted my fist in the air and was just about to pound Amber's perfect fake nose but the principal, Mr. Paige grabbed my hand and stopped me.

"What were you going to do?" he said annoyed.

"umm... well you see..." i didnt finish explaining before he pulled me inside.

" I don't want to see you doing that again!" he walked away without me explaining. Really? You asked me and now you dont want me to answer? whatever.

I walked towards my locker and saw a bunch of people standing around something and screaming. I shut my locker and walked to the crowd. I saw 5 guys they looked familiar. It's ZAYN!! oh my god its my best friend! I saw someone run towards me through all the people. Zayn opened his arms and i jumped into his arms. He smelled pretty good. I let go and we both smiled. I just stood there with my mouth open. He changed so much! A bunch of girls ran towards us and pushed me. I raised my hands so zayn could see me but there was too many girls. So i just walked away but someone grabbed my arm. I turned around and saw Niall Horan. He was wearing a hoodie and some glasses. Probably a disguise.

"Hey i am Niall, I dont have much time just follow me."


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