Back For You

A Niall Horan One Shot.


1. Back For You

June 23, 1914
I don't know what was harder, watching him leave or missing him. 
I remember him being the boy I played hide and seek with when I seven, when he pushed me into the dirt because he lost a game of rock, paper,scissors. That time he punched Jimmy Mccoy for putting worms in my pigtails. 
I remember my best friend, I remember our teenage years, how our friendship blossomed into something people like to call love. 
Sneaking out in the dead of night to cuddle up and wait for sunrise.
I remember his soft lips caressing mine, I remember our first time like it was only yesterday.
I miss his scruffy blonde hair that was always falling in his eyes... but I’m glad he decided to cut it.
I remember when my father hated him, telling him how he was no good for his daughter.
How he fought for my love, how he fought for my fathers blessing.
When on my 18th birthday he proposed to me.
I remember when he received the letter in the mail stating he was a conscript for the great world war.
I remember crying, hard, harder than I had ever cried in my entire life.

He climbed into my bedroom window that evening, slipping under the covers to spend the last night we would have together before he was shipped off to France. 
“I love you” His Irish accent hummed. 
“I love you more Niall” 
My small hand stroked his pale cheek, tracing over his jaw line as I counted the few freckles that he had. 
“When will you be home babe?”
His thin lips curled into a tight smile. 
“I’ll be home before you know it, by christmas time, I promise.”
I watched as he wiped away a stray tear that fell from my lashes.
“Be safe ok?” 
His hand reached up to the back of my head pulling out the bow that was holding my hair into a snug ponytail. Allowing my long tresses of hair to fall just over my shoulders.
“I always like it better when it’s down” He spoke softly.
I clasped his wrist with my hand before he could rest it back down again, catching his full attention.
“Niall, you didn't answer me” I said sternly.
His blue eyes glistening in the moonlight that peaked out from between the curtains.
“I’ll be safe, you have nothing to worry about”
I let go of his arm and pecked his cheek gently with my lips.
“You have to promise me something too ok?”
I pushed the hair back on his forehead and met my eyes with his.
“Anything” I whispered.
“Promise me, when I leave, that you don’t fall in love with someone else.”
I locked my fingers in his, taking in his amazing scent. 
He was wearing my favorite cologne. 
“I promise I will always love you, and only you Niall”
“Good, I promise I’ll be back for you”
I couldn’t help myself by hungrily taking advantage of the last night we would have together.
Pulling him close, kissing the smooth rims of his mouth. 
the next morning we would be saying our final goodbyes.

~4 years later~
June 23,1918
“Anna May,can you go wash up before bed?” 
“Yes mamma” 
I followed my 3 year old daughter to the bathroom. 
She looked so much like him, I had pulled her dark brown hair into two pigtails that day, the same way I wore them at her age. 
I smiled to myself at the memory of Niall dying his hair blonde when he was twelve, he was always doing something unexpected.
I didn’t want to think about him anymore, It was just 4 months ago my life was cursed with tragedy, Niall stopped sending letters to me.
At first I thought he must be busy, maybe the soldiers were cut off from sending anymore post. 
I had come up with as many excuses as I could, I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
Eventually I received a letter from the British army.
But not the letter I was hoping for.
I remember unfolding the piece of paper and skimming the paragraphs, the same words still scar my heart today.
Niall Horan, Missing in action 
I left my daughter in the tub for a quick second as the doorbell chimed.
My hair was a mess and my clothes were a muck, being a single parent was hard, harder than I thought.
“Just a second!” I called, peering out through the living room window.
A soldier stood in front of the door holding roses and an envelope, I wasn’t really was feeling obligated to answer the door anymore.
I returned to the bathroom and wrapped a small towel around Anna May before jogging back to the front of the house.
I unlatched the door quickly and eased it open.
“Yes? How can I help you sir?”
“Well you can help me by cookin’ some food, I’m starvin” 
“At first I didn’t recognize him, but I knew that voice from anywhere, I abruptly swung the door open and jumped into Niall’s arms.
I grabbed his face as our lips crashed in a sweet symphony.. 
“Where have you been? Why haven’t you wrote me anything? I thought you were dead for Christ’s sake!” I slapped his muscular arm.
I hugged Niall tight, he was much more built than he was when we were 18.
I jumped down and pulled him inside, slamming the door shut.
I was so overjoyed to have my little Nialler in my life again.
“Come, come I’ll fix you something to eat while you explain yourself.”
I watched as he sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. 
I stood across the table from him, just studying his baby blue eyes.
The moment didn’t last long before Anna May appeared in the doorway. 
“Mommy, who’s that?”
Niall’s mouth parted slightly as he stared back at her.
“You have a daughter? I didn’t know you found someone else while I was gone.”
His eyes fell to his lap, he was hurt, he thought I had been with someone else.
“No Niall, I didn’t. I was actually 3 weeks pregnant when you left to fight, this is your daughter Anna May.” 
I was afraid to tell him about his child because I didn’t want him to be missing one more thing in his life as he fought in the war.
“You’re my daddy?” Her little blue eyes sparkled.
“I reckon so”
She ran faster to him then you could say Pepsi-Cola, Leaping into his arms as he held her tight.
“Mommy, can we keep him?”
Both Niall and I let out a laugh, before he kissed her on the head.
“Of course we can babe, only if he wants to stay.” I eyes flickered back to his pale face, he was grinning from ear to ear.
“I told you I’d be back, I don’t break my promises.” 

“I’ve been waiting 4 whole years to come back to this” His hands rested on my hips as we stood naked in my bedroom, our bedroom.
He hummed as he placed sweet kisses to the crook of my neck.
“I feel like a teenager again” I smiled, as he pushed me onto the bed gently.
“I don’t want you too feel that way, I want you to feel like a woman love.” 
Niall left hot, wet kisses on every inch of my skin.
I gently touched his warm chest, that was now thick with muscle from training in the army.
Pulling him down we could replay our first time again.
“Why did you come back?” I gasped, in the middle of sex.
“Is that really a question to be asked right now?”
He grabbed both my legs thrusting deeper into me, Shutting me up as I threw my head and fisted the bed sheets.
I moaned his name as he rolled me on top, I had never missed anyone as much as I missed him in my life, My muscles began to relaxed after find my release.
“You still have those amazing back dimples” He murmured, flashing me a cheeky smile.
“You still have that adorable nose of yours” I giggled, kissing his nose sweetly.

I was taken by surprise as he pulled me closer so his warm body spooned with mine under the covers. 
“I’m glad I kept my promise” he whispered in my ear.
“As do I, I will always love you and only you Niall” 
“I will always love you too babe” 

Le Fin

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