Always (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

When Lucy's Parents Suddenly Die She Moves In With Her Auntie Lou. Of Course When Harry Takes A Liking To Lucy So Has Niall And Zayn. Who Will Get Her Heart? Find out Here! :)


1. Blow To The Heart

                   Chapter 1: Blow To The Heart, Blow To The Head


Hey Readers (If There Are Any) This Is My First Fanfiction And  iWill Warn You. There WILL Be Sex Scenes. So Be Warned. And The Occasional Cuss Word :) Thanks! ~Cassie-Sassy


 "I'm sorry miss but your parents died in a fatal car crash." He said solemnly. It felt like my whole world stopped with those words. I couldn't function properly. "W-what?'' I managed to stutter almost soundlessly.

"I am sorry miss, but they are really gone... would you like me to send a taxi to--" I would have listened to the man but I felt woozy.

"I-I-I......" I manage to say before it goes black.

______________________________Hours Later...____________________________________________________________

"Will she be ok?" a woman asked softly. 

"Yes she just passed out when we told her the news over the phone. Poor kid, her parents died on impact with the drunk driver."

WHAT?! Oh no! Open you dumb fucking eyes. OPEN! They were talking about my mum and dad. Now I simply wanted to cry.

They died and now I can't move or see, but I can hear. It's torture to know whats happening but not being able to believe it.

Suddenly it got really bright and I groan. When it gets clearer I can see my Auntie Lou. 

"What happened?" I asked quietly even though I knew very well what the situation was.

"Well,Sweetie, your mum and dad were hit by a drunk driver and...well... died on impact" She said quietly, tears silently streaming down her small face.

I was crying myself. I had no one. Except Auntie. She and Lux were all I had. 


"Yes Auntie?" I said quietly.

"We are going on tour with the boys I work with. They can keep you company while I have to work on the schedules" She said, to my suprise, very calmly. 

"Wow.... O-okay.." I stuttered. Time to begin to forget the loss. Try to move on. Because that wasn't the only tragic event that took place that day.

My best friend committed suicide. She was bullied. I just hope i can live without 3 things that I lost.

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