Mystery Girl Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to be noticed, or have a friend? Not Scarlett Moon, she’s an invisa-girl. She parades in the Sit and Silent at her old school. In the old halls. Scowled by the old teachers. She walked down the hallways, different from everyone else. Her mismatched eyes: blue and brown, her lanky arms and legs, and her big head too small for her body. She blended in though, not noticed by the other pupils. Her over-exaggerated sister, Pandora always stole the attention. Just the way she liked it. Secretly she loves the class president, Louis. He doesn’t love her though. Barely her mom and Pandora do....maybe.



“You did love her.” Mikhail said standing behind Moony.  

“No I didn’t!  How could I love something of that face?” Moony turned around disgusted.  
“You looked at her like she was perfect.” Mikhail clenched his fists.  

“You wretch.  Go live on the streets were you vagrants belong.” she shooed him out and began dressing Pandora.  

“Hola Sra. Luna,  estoy aquí para limpiar la casa.  ¿En qué habitación se debe limpiar primero la Sra. Moon¿” the cleaning lady walked in.  

“Clean the bathroom.” Moony pointed to the 3rd door.  

“Sí señora Moon.  Perdone, pero, ¿Dónde está tu hija mayor, Scarlett? Ella siepre fue una buena persona.  ¿Está en la escuela? Tonto de mí!  Es un sábado.  Yo debería haber sabido.  ¿Voy a estar limpiando la casa entera o sólo habitaciones específicas? Y, ¿Me quedaré a cenar como suelo hacer no?”  (IF YOU DON’T KNOW IT GO ON GOOGLE TRANSLATE.) Mrs. Rodrigues began cleaning the bathroom.  Although, she got little to no pay, Scarlett would always help, and although Mrs. Moon was a brutal person, she always invited Señora Rodrigues to stay for dinner.  

“NO!” Mrs. Moon screamed.  

“Si, si.” Señorita Rodrigues began cleaning again.  Meanwhile at Louis’s casa (he-he) Scarlett and Louis cuddled.  ‘

“What if they find me Louis?” Scarlett thought, but didn’t dare speak of it.

“Mornin’!” Louis pranced into his bedroom were Scarlett lay.

“I need to get home.” Scarlett ran through the door.

“Bye!” Louis often wondered about Scarlett, if she had friends, if she was abused, or if she is their servant.  But, he knew it would be rude to ask.

    Scarlett snuck around the back of the house.  A shingle began to fall and with a loud bang, Scarlett hid behind an old dog house.  A safe with a pushbutton code faced the back.  

“0.1234.” Scarlett thought and slowly pushed in each digit.

The vault opened, showing a single note.

“Dear Scarlett,
    You’re so cool.  I love you like the sister I’ve never had.  The sentences ahead will all make sense in the near future.  *•PANDORA LAYS EASILY AWAY, SWEETLY•DEMONS ONLY NEVER TRY•THE ROSE UBIQUITOUSLY SMILES TALL•MY INVISIBLE KANGAROO HAILS AMY IMAGINARY LIVES•*  This will come in great help, if I never meet you again remember the numbers, 5.678.  DONT TRY TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH ME.
Lovingly Odd Best Friend,
Ariel (Oddy) No-name
“What?” Scarlett whispered to herself in a hushed tone, she knows that their secrets would always be crossed out so no one other than her and Ariel would read it, but this was just gibberish.

“Scarlett.  Come out right now.” Moony commanded.
    Scarlett breathed in heavily, Moony’s shadow passed the doghouse and cascaded atop of the fence.  Scarlett reread the letter over and over again.  The door slammed shut, this gave Scarlett a chance to run through the backyard and over to the bush.  People outside watched Scarlett run and run, the light beaming on her black hair.  Scarlett dodged behind a bush, Ariel’s bush were she “lived”.

“Scarlett?” Ariel asked from behind.

“Ariel?” Scarlett whipped around.

“I told you to stay away from me!” She screamed.

“Ariel. Calm down.”

“Scarlett!” Louis grabbed Scarlett by the arm and dragged her back to his house.


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