Mystery Girl Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Have you ever wanted something so bad? Wanted to be noticed, or have a friend? Not Scarlett Moon, she’s an invisa-girl. She parades in the Sit and Silent at her old school. In the old halls. Scowled by the old teachers. She walked down the hallways, different from everyone else. Her mismatched eyes: blue and brown, her lanky arms and legs, and her big head too small for her body. She blended in though, not noticed by the other pupils. Her over-exaggerated sister, Pandora always stole the attention. Just the way she liked it. Secretly she loves the class president, Louis. He doesn’t love her though. Barely her mom and Pandora do....maybe.


1. Ariel


“Honey? You’ll be late for C2! Get ready.” Scarlett’s mom knocked on the door.  Their school was nicknamed C2, crap and crazy.  “Mom? You know that I have my recital todayyy!” Pandora sang, opening the door.  Scarlett glided out the front door and walked through the rain.  Her hair sprang into an afro, causing her to groan.  “Ariel!” she ran over to her friend, whom dressed in a St.Cyril’s Mental Facility hospital gown she always wore.  “Ariel? Hello?” she waved her hands inches from her only friends eyes.  Slowly her orbs rolled back and her hands shook.  “Yea?” Ariel returned, “Nothing!” Ariel screeched without warning.  “I need to go.” Ariel scurried grabbing a sharp rock scraping it against her wrist and disappeared down an alleyway.  “Sorry.” she bumped into a familiar scent, “It’s okay.” the teenager smiled.  Without bothering to look into her the love of her life.  Where did Ariel run? Why?  Ariel was always weird acting, and their time together was short.  The longest time they’ve been apart was a week, but something felt like this time would be longer.  “Love,  won’t you vote for me?” Louis handed her a pin, ‘Vote-o for Tommo!’  “He called me LOVE!” Scarlett thought to herself.  She heard rustling behind the bushes next to Louis.  “*cough* Scarlett *cough* *cough*” Ariel faked, “See you later.” Louis smooth talked. “Yeah...” Scarlett swooned in awe.  “SCARLETT!” Ariel hollered, “What?” she stepped over to the barberry shrub.  “I might not ever see you again, they’ll kill me.  Just remember: 0.1234.  I gotta go.  Goodbye.” Ariel clenched the blood stained rock and like a magician, vanished.

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